If you've ever watched Gary Vee's videos, you've probably heard him talk about repurposing content. You are competing with content creators that are producing content on a daily basis and guess what, it’s possible to do it without spending hours on it. Lead with a “less is more” mindset to create binge-worthy content without spending hours on each piece.

The most common question people have is, “does repurposing content mean I am repeating my content?”. The answer is no.

It's kind of like recycling an idea.⁠ Plus, everyone likes to consume and create content in different formats. Where one person loves to read blogs, another one loves to watch videos; where one person loves to hang out on Instagram, another one enjoys LinkedIn. So, when you repurpose content on different platforms, this is your way of serving them in their style.

Time management is everything.⁠ So, instead of creating something brand new for every single platform, save time and effort by creating content around posts that have proven to be top-performers.

1. Make an Instagram Carousel Post

Carousels on Instagram get a higher engagement of up to 5.13% compared to a normal photo post. You can use your video as a guideline on how to structure the information inside your Instagram carousel post. You can even make one or more carousel slideshows from a video. It’s the simplest way to take your Instagram up a notch and give your audience a fun experience with your content.  You can add videos to Instagram coursels too. Each slide can have a 1-minute video.

Mixed-Media Instagram Carousel Post on VEED's account

For example, let's say you made a video about “7 Ways to Edit Videos”. You can turn this video into one big carousel or seven new separate Instagram carousel posts focusing on each of the individual ways to edit video content.

2. Create a LinkedIn Post

The same Instagram carousel can be used as LinkedIn post. Just save the original file as a PDF and it'll upload as a slideshow post on LinkedIn. You don’t have to create new graphics for LinkedIn, use the same ones as Instagram. LinkedIn is a professional platform, so do remember to adjust your copy that goes with the slideshow for LinkedIn with a professional tone and get rid of any slang. This way, your content is not exactly the same due to the little tweaks.

3. Make a Short Video Clip

Slice up the video to make shorter videos for platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. If you look at Gary Vee’s Instagram feed, you will see tons of such short videos which were taken from his talks, interviews etc. This is what we are talking about. Pick the most powerful segments from the video and convert them into multiple short videos. You can do this in seconds using our tool, VEED.

Clip for LinkedIn. We also repurposed the topic to our Instagram stories.

These short clips can then be used on Instagram stories as mini-tutorials or Instagram carousels. You can even share clips to LinkedIn. Video on LinkedIn is 5 times more likely to start a conversation amongst LinkedIn users

4. Edit Footage to Make a TikTok Video

TikTok is blowing up with over 800 million monthly users and it’s time to get on it with your videos! You can upload your TikTok video content and have a higher chance of generating tons of organic engagement in comparison to platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. If you are not sure how it works, we have reverse engineered the Tik Tok algorithm for you.

5. Design a Pinterest Pin

Drive traffic back to your blog, website, or original video with a Pinterest pin. You can design a Pinterest pin graphic on a site like Canva. But also, you can slice up a video into video pins i.e. 15-sec to 60-sec clips and use it to drive traffic to your original content. In fact, Pinterest video pins are gaining popularity and if you want to tap into how to create Pinterest Video pins that drive traffic, you got it!

6. Write a Blog Post

Got a high performing YouTube video? Why not transform it into a blog; if it did well as a video, there are high chances it will perform well as a blog too. This way you are serving your audience that loves to read blogs and improving chances of appearing on a Google search. Don’t forget to embed or link your video into the blog.

7. Convert Your Video into a Podcast

Create a podcast episode without formally recording one. Extract audio from your video and turn the whole thing into a podcast episode or create micro-episodes from one video like Gary Vee’s 5 minutes episodes.

Podcast Audiogram Made with VEED

You can create audiograms in VEED with subtitles, progress bars, and soundwaves to create promotional social media content around your episode. You can learn how to make them on this blog covering how to make podcast videos.

8. Create an IGTV Video

You can upload your full video or a segment of it as an IGTV video on Instagram that also goes up on your Instagram feed. You can upload 1 minute to 10 minute-long videos. Larger accounts and verified accounts can upload up to 60-minutes worth of IGTV video footage.

9. Share LinkedIn Articles

Use the video content and turn it into a LinkedIn article. Just like a blog post, you can embed a video in LinkedIn articles, simply add the link to your video. You can even repurpose the video thumbnail design into a blog cover to make it visually appealing.

10. Craft an Email Newsletter

Repurposing content is not limited to social media. Give your email subscribers a taste of your content!

VEED's newsletter gives bite-sized updates on what matters to you

Create a killer email newsletter sharing about the new video you just created and share a link in the email directing them to the original video content. Share the key learnings from the video as newsletter content which people can read!

Your mind is probably flooding with ideas about how you can create more content and save time. Start simple with one main platform and one or two others where you’d like to repurpose content from your main one. For example, if you want to create IGTV videos for Instagram, choose platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok, or Youtube where you can repurpose the videos. Now edit the original content for each platform and you are done!  

To create engaging videos, try out VEED’s simple but powerful online video editor where you can add subtitles, progress bars, add text to video, and so much more. You can even use the resizing feature to make repurposing video for other major social platforms even easier!