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Educational Video Maker

Make educational videos, online

Do you want to make videos that explain, educate and demonstrate? Whether you’re looking to explain a complex idea or story, educate an audience on a topic close to your heart, or demonstrate all the uses of a product, we’re here to help. With VEED, making an educational or tutorial video has never been easier

Educational Video Maker
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Teaching videos

With VEED, you can create videos to help people learn. Tutorials, explainers, presentations, it’s all possible, and all online, no software required


Add text to your educational video, at the touch of a button. Help your viewers understand what you mean, with fully-formattable text boxes


And if text wasn’t enough for you, you can also draw on your videos. Draw arrows, underline key messages, or circle part of a video or freeze-frame

Sound effects

Sound effects and an audio track are a great way of helping your audience key in to your message. It’s learning, made easy, with VEED


You can include links to your website and other sources of information on the web. Links are an easy way of providing “next steps” for your viewers


Make your educational video accessible to all, with our subtitle and subtitle translator tools. Muy bien!

How to make educational videos:

Make your own educational video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Drag and drop your videos into VEED. Yup, It’s that easy. All online, no software needed

2. Edit

With VEED, you can easily crop, trim, rotate, add filters, text, annotate, add sound effects, subtitles and even translate those subtitles. Pretty great, huh?

3. Educate

Now you’re ready to get teaching. Just click ‘Download’ and your video will render in seconds. That’s it. Let the learning begin

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Why use our educational video creator?

Teach the world a lesson!


You can use educational videos to support your viewers in understanding how to complete difficult or new tasks, complex ideas, or the story and reasoning behind your brand


An educational video can be a great way to promote a product. By teaching people how to use it, you’re advertising its usefulness at the same time. Win-win!


Tutorials and explainers are a brilliant way to develop viewer engagement. You can make your educational videos a great place for people to interact

More than an education video maker

Maybe you don’t only want to create great, educational video content. Maybe you also want to make trailers, Ads, and video intros. Maybe you’d like to learn how to create credits for your videos. At VEED, we’ve got it all. It’s so easy to use, you’ll be a video pro in no time. Go on, learn a little

Educational Video Maker

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