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Have you ever seen a Facebook profile that was jam-packed with stunning-looking video posts? And would you like to know how you can create beautifully edited, engaging video content for your Facebook profile? Well, at VEED we have the answers. Read on and follow the links to get your Facebook profile looking amazing, with VEED.

Facebook Video Maker
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Facebook profile video maker

With VEED, your profile will look better than ever. We provide you with video editing tools that are so powerful and easy to use, you’ll be adding video like a pro


Don’t just use photos. Use videos on your Facebook profile to entertain and engage your fans, friends, and followers


You can make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd, with professional-quality video content


You can tell the story of who you are - as a person, or business. Make a funny video, an arty video, or whatever kind of video best expresses your unique identity


Use our Facebook video creator to get your message across. Speak to your audience about a passion, product, or service


Not only will your Facebook video be part of your online image, but that image will stand alone, as most Facebook videos are ‘click to listen’. Make a video that looks great with or without sound, with VEED online video editing

How to make a Facebook video:

Make your own Facebook video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

VEED happens all online, so there’s no need to download any software. Just upload your videos to our super-fast, cloud-based servers, and away you go

2. Edit

VEED’s range of editing tools will allow you to add filters, text, sound effects, draw on your video, and much more. You can resize to fit any social media platform, with the click of a button

3. Share

That’s it. Hit ‘Download’ and you’re ready to share your video with family, friends, fans and followers

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Why use our Facebook video creator?

Give your page a boost - get people interested


With VEED you can make your Facebook page stand out, by adding stunning videos. Don’t just post text and photos, bring your page to life!

Get more followers

Make your Facebook page a fun place to be, with videos that are interactive. Include text, links, and a “call to action”, for all your viewers

Build a brand

Videos are a great way of helping to build a brand’s image and unique identity. Don’t just tell people who you are, show them, with great video content

More than a Facebook post generator

At VEED, we don't only want to help you with your Facebook posts. No! We want to help you with EVERYTHING video-related! We are video-mad, it has to be said, and as a result we have created an online box of editing tools that we know you’re going to find useful. Check out the links to our blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and more, to find out what VEED can do for you

Facebook Video Maker

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