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YouTube Video Maker

Free YouTube video creator

Did somebody say ‘SUBSCRIBERS’? Now you can build your subscriber base and get more views by creating awesome, perfectly edited YouTube videos online and for free, using the VEED YouTube video maker. With 85% of businesses using video as a marketing tool (wyzowl), YouTube is one of the most powerful ways to speak to your audience, attract more followers, and increase sales. Use our YouTube video maker to create great content that captures attention

YouTube Video Maker
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Free YouTube video maker

Our YouTube video maker is here for you. You can quickly and easily turn your videos into show-stopping, YouTube-ready content, using VEED, online and for free


You can use YouTube to connect with your followers and get more subscribers by creating videos that capture your brand’s unique style and message


With VEED you can quickly and easily resize your YouTube videos for any social media platform - Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more! So you can continue expanding your reach


YouTube videos are a great way of getting your brand name out there! With VEED you can include your logo, your name, and your image, using stickers, text tools, and links. Check it out!


You can be as creative as you want, with VEED’s range of video editing tools. Speed up, slow down, rotate, invert, filter, crop, and much more!


All you have to do is click ‘Download’ and your video will be ready in seconds. Watch, share and enjoy with your followers and friends

How to make a YouTube video:

Make your YouTube video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload your video

Upload your clips to VEED so that you can start work on making your YouTube video. With no bulky software to download, VEED is the fastest, easiest way to create YouTube-ready videos

2. Edit your video

VEED is a super-powerful online video editing tool that’s easy to use. With all the functionality you need to trim, crop, add music, subtitles, filters, and more. You can have your YouTube videos looking beautiful, professional, and ready for viewers, in a matter of minutes

3. Download your video

Now your video is ready, just click ‘Download’ and, hey presto, you can start to share and enjoy your video with your audience of followers and friends. So simple and easy-to-use. We know you’ll love our free, online YouTube video maker

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Why make a YouTube video?

Get subscribers and likes!


YouTube videos are a great way of communicating with your followers. You can use YouTube videos to engage and entertain audiences, promote products, and develop your brand. Use stickers, captions and links, to make them interactive and open up a dialogue with your audience

Widen your reach

A YouTube video is a powerful tool, with the potential to reach huge numbers of new followers. Not only can you create stunning-looking content with VEED, but you can also resize to fit to any social media platform, ensuring your brand is represented across all channels

Complete creative freedom

With VEED online video editing, the sky’s the limit. We’re here to make sure you have all the tools you need to get your video looking just right. It’s quick, easy, and free to use. So give us a go!

More than a YouTube video maker

VEED is a lot more than just a YouTube video maker. Using VEED, you can make Ads, trailers, GIFs, presentations, and more. It’s a whole world of video editing just waiting for you. Explore our suite of editing tools, and check out our handy guides, tutorials and blogs, for more information on how to make VEED work for you and your brand

YouTube Video Maker

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