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Lyric Video Maker

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Make your music lyric videos online with VEED’s easy to use online video editor. Start by uploading an audio or video file, then add the lyrics in time with the song. Add your own images, emojis, text and more. Style your video as you need, and make your lyric video look perfect! All online, you don’t need to download any software. And it's so easy to use

Lyric Video Maker
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Free Lyric Video Maker

The perfect tool to make lyric videos online. Simple, easy to use and versatile

Import From YouTube

Import your video or audio from YouTube with just the link

Customise Video

Have full control of how your video looks, upload your own fonts, colours, artwork and more

Add Artwork & Images

Import your artwork or image and add them to your lyric video

Add Sound Wave

Add a reactive sound wave to your video to make your video more engaging

Any File, Any Song

You can upload any song via a youtube URL or by uploading the mp3 file

How to Make a Lyric Video:

Lyric videos in 3 simple steps

1. Upload your song

Upload the song you want to turn into your lyric video. This could be an audio file, a music video or even a YouTube URL

2. Add Your Lyrics

Click on the 'Subtitle' tab and choose 'Manual Subtitle', now you can start adding your lyrics. You can find the lyrics to the song online and copy and paste them into VEED too. Some songs can also be automatically transcribed, try our auto-transcriber to see if yours can!

3. Download & Share Your Video

Once you're finished adding your lyrics, you can now style the video as you wish. Once you're happy, simply press the 'Download' button and your video will start rendering. Easy

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Why Make Lyric Videos?

Everyone is making memes, why should you?

Simple Music Videos

Lyric videos are a really simple and cost-effective way for you to share your music online. There is no easy way to share audio on social media, therefore making a music video with lyrics is a great solution!

Promote Your Music

By making lyric videos you can reach a wider audience with your music. Videos are visual and much easier to share, which makes lyric videos a great way to promote your music online

Karaoke Video Maker

Create your very own karaoke videos to your favourite songs. Add progress bars under the words to keep your singing in sync with the lyrics and music

Do More Than Just Making Lyric Videos

Making lyric videos, karaoke videos and music videos are just some of the things you can do with VEED. Our simple, yet powerful video maker is a creative suite of tools that gives you the ability to create great content, and allow you to grow and engage an audience online

Lyric Video Maker

Try our Video Caption Suite

Easy to use tools for growing your video's audience

Add Text to Video

VEED is simple and easy to use web app to add text to videos online

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Automatic Subtitles

With VEED your can automatically generate subtitles for you videos audio and then render them into the video, or download the subtitle file

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Translate Video

Make your videos accessible to a global audience by automatically translating your video online

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