17 Best Video Editing Apps Creators Swear By (In-Depth Reviews)
Komal Ahuja

17 Best Video Editing Apps Creators Swear By (In-Depth Reviews)

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Want to edit videos on your mobile, tablet or laptop but not sure where to begin? These are the best video editing apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and browser-based editing.

Best video editing apps for mobile

Best Video Editing App for iPad or iPhone Capcut Feature-packed video editor with a mobile-friendly interface and comprehensive video editing suite ideal for editing short-form content.
Best Video Editing App for Android VivaVideo Elegant tool with a clutter-free UI and efficient editor with features for beginners and pros to edit videos on the go and share them on social media.
Best Free Video Editing App WeVideo Highly accessible, offers a range of editing features and is a great fit to edit videos across use cases and industries.

Best video editing apps for laptops and desktops

Best Online Video Editor VEED Intuitive, easy-to-use, offers a host of basic to advanced editing features, and is a great fit for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of time navigating clunky editing software.
Best Video Editing App for Mac and Windows Premiere Rush The easiest editing tool in the Adobe editing suite, which offers cross-platform editing with all the basic features you’d need to edit your videos to perfection.

16 best video editing apps

Here’s an in-depth breakdown for all the 16 video editing tools we reviewed.

1) CapCut — The feature-rich mobile video editing app

capcut video editor

Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOs and Android
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: 15 minutes
Key Features ✅ Speed control
Frame-by-frame split editing
Reverse video function
Music library with audio effects & mood-based soundtracks
TikTok-suited filters and effects
Cons ❌ Mobile-only editing
Doesn’t support key and advanced editing features
Allows you to add only one audio track with a video
Reverse function works slow on long videos and takes time to process
Isn’t a good fit for editing longer videos, like for YouTube or vlogs.
Who It’s Best For TikTok content creators
Pricing Free

If you create content on TikTok regularly and want a feature-packed video editor for editing videos on Android or iPhone, you’ll love CapCut—developed by the makers of TikTok. 

Being platform-focused, this app supports relative features like speed changes, filters, stickers, effects, background music, and even split and reverse to make your videos more TikTok-ready.

CapCut has a mobile-friendly interface and offers some great features to enhance your videos, like auto-captioning and removing background colors for a green screen effect. 

However, it doesn’t offer a comprehensive editing suite like other free apps for the platform, but it is a great fit if you’re a TikTok creator or want to start your content creation journey on the platform.

2) VivaVideo — Best video editing app for Android

vivavideo video editing app
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOs and Android
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Up to 5 minutes on the free plan
Key Features Template and stock library
Text effects and transitions
Music and sticker library
Cinematic filters
Cons Mobile-only editing
Watermark on free videos
No subtitle tools
Export in HD is for pro users only
Who It’s Best For Best for beginners who want to edit simple videos on the go and don’t mind not being able to edit on a larger screen.
Pricing Free or $35.99/year for pro features

VivaVideo is a mobile video editing app perfect for amateurs who just want to make quick edits on the go. Their editor has an easy-to-use interface with most of the essential tools to apply transitions, music, filters, trim, split, crop, rotate, speed up, and slow down a video.

If you need a helping hand to get through a creative block, their templates and stock library make it easier to make your video.If you just need to make simple edits like trimming a video and don’t mind that you can’t export in HD resolution then VivaVideo’s free version is best for you. But if you want to export in a higher resolution, remove the watermark, get access to pro features, and don’t mind editing on a small screen then upgrading to the pro version of VivaVideo is best.

3) WeVideo — Great for simple edits

wevideo video editing app
Specifications Type: Browser-based editing platform
Platform: Browser
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: 2 hours
Key Features Enables real-time collaboration
Drag-and-drop editor for easy for effortless editing
Multi-track editing to combine audio and video intuitively
Huge music library and video templates to choose from
Quick rendering time and glitch-free experience
Advanced features like screencasting, storyboarding, motion titles, and cloud storage
Cons Not easily navigable and requires some practice to get used to
A costly option when compared to other tools
Doesn’t support video resizing for different platforms
Who It’s Best For Mid-level video editors, social media teams, small business owners
Pricing Power subscription: $4.99/month
Unlimited subscription: $7.99/month
Professional subscription: $19.99/month
Business subscription: $36.99/month

WeVideo is a robust cloud-based video editing solution with over 30 million registered users—making it one of the most popular video editors. It's highly accessible, making it easy for you to edit videos on desktop and mobile devices. 

WeVideo is equipped with color correction technology and advanced functions like motion titles, screencasting, frame rate flexibility, green screen editing, and voiceover. 

As an easy-to-operate tool with fairly smooth navigability, WeVideo is as good as video editors come. Once you're done with the edit, you can directly export your creation or publish it directly on video-sharing platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Instagram. 

4) VEED — The best online video editor for beginners and pros

veed the best online video editor
Specifications Type: Browser-based editing platform
Platform: Browser
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Up to 10 minutes on the free plan and 2 hours on all the paid plans
Key Features Drag-and-drop editor
Intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI
Auto-subtitling, ability to add srt file
Huge font, filters, and transitions library
Multiple element options: emojis, progress bars, music visualizers
Allows branding customization
Screen recorder and teleprompter
Cons Not mobile-optimized (only iPad)
Who It’s Best For Beginner video editors and video editing enthusiasts who don’t want to waste a lot of time learning complex software
Pricing Free
Pro plan: $24/month
Business plan: $59/month
Enterprise plan: $100/month

If you’re looking for a browser-based, highly efficient video editor that’s feature-rich but also super easy to navigate, VEED is perfect for you. It has a simple and clutter-free UI that doesn't skimp on features and offers simple to advanced editing capabilities like adding subtitles, adding an SRT file to the video, auto transcribing, templates, and one-click brand kit customizations.

VEED is also a screen recorder, teleprompter, and video collaboration tool for teams who need to gather feedback for edits.

Not just this, the tool is also super-efficient as it gives you cloud storage to organize your video files inside your workspace.

Additionally, the customer support is fast, and the editor offers a host of features in the free plan. Even if you upgrade to the premium plan for your video editing needs—it’s quite affordable.

5) Adobe Premiere Rush — The best free editor for just the basics

premiere rush
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOs, Android, Windows, and Mac
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: 20 minutes
Key Features Great fit for both beginners and experts
Intuitive UI with a smooth navigation experience
Speed control
Beautiful built-in presets
Automatic resizing for different aspect ratios
Multi-track editing with a drag-and-drop timeline
Huge library of soundtracks, audio effects, titles, and animation
Audio-ducking and voiceovers
Direct social media sharing
Cons Pro version is expensive
Doesn’t specify the format of the output file
Limited transitions and video effects
Doesn’t offer any advanced editing features
Slow rendering
Who It’s Best For First-time video editors and content creators
Pricing Free
Pro plan pricing: $9.99/month or $119.88/year

As one of Adobe's easiest and intuitive video editing tools, Premiere Rush is a great tool for both beginner and video editing experts to edit videos with precision and process them quickly to share on social media. It allows you to convert your videos in different aspect ratios and qualities for different social platforms. 

Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to perform standard video editing tasks like color correction, voiceover, and music mixing and adding transitions and effects easily.

A significant advantage of using Adobe Premiere Rush is that it allows cross-platform sync—you can edit your videos across Adobe products like Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. 

6) Movavi — Fast and powerful video editing software for beginners

Type: Downloadable app (138,6 MB)
Platform: Windows, macOS
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: No
Video duration: Up to 5 mins on the trial plan

Key Features
✅ User-friendly interface with tabbed controls
✅ Offers a large collection of video samples, backgrounds, and audio clips
✅ Built-in training module to shorten the learning curve
✅ Supports 4K Rendering feature
✅ Sound autocorrect with enhanced voice recording, noisy place and recording studio
✅ Share and export videos online in any of the popular formats

❌ Only save videos with watermarks in the free version
❌ Rendering may be a bit slow
❌ 7-day trial period with limited capabilities
Who It's Best For Users who want to be able to edit and adjust videos with ease.
$49.95 for a one-year subscription
$69.95 for a lifetime license

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video editor, you'll love using Movavi Video Editor. With its simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive tools, anyone can create professional-looking videos in no time. 

With a wide range of advanced features like filters, transitions, and audio editing tools, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create visually appealing videos without the steep learning curve of more complex software.

Best of all, the app is available for both Windows and Mac, and you can try it for free before you buy. So whether you're editing home videos or creating content for your business, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create great-looking videos with ease.

7) iMovie — The best free video editing app for mac

Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOs
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: 60 minutes
Key Features Fast and beginner-friendly
Drag-and-drop interface
48 stunning pre-programmed themes
✅ Multi-track and split-screen editing
Supports 4K
Syncs editing across Apple devices
Cons Takes up a lot of storage space
Slow in processing and exporting large files after editing
Doesn’t support advanced editing capabilities
No presets, or social media templates
Who It’s Best For Video editing beginners, enthusiasts, and creators on a small budget.
Pricing Free

If you’re a Mac user and are looking for a super intuitive and easy-to-use video editor, iMovie is a great choice. It has a smooth UI and offers all the basic features like cutting, trimming, adding music, and animation effects. It also has spectacular features for seasoned professionals and video editing teams like green-screen effects, split-screen effects, and multi-screen editing. 

Since it supports 4K video quality, you’ll never have to worry about getting a bad quality video in the end after using a free editor. Its high-performance ability and easy navigation make it a perfect match for anyone looking to create professional-looking videos from rookies to professionals.

However, if you're looking for a video editor that can help you with social media sizing, offers customizable pre-made templates, and allows you to add branding to videos, iMovie may not cut the bill.

8) InShot — The best free video editing app for iOS and android

Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOs and Android
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Watermark-free videos
Easy-to-use and navigate
Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function
Supports 1080p quality
Offers image, video, and collage editing
Social media sizing, with background effect and color options
Extensive filter, effects, and music library
Speed control, reverse, and freeze video options
Supports music extraction from videos and recording voiceover to use video soundtrack
Cons Watermark is automatically added to all videos, and you need to remove it manually.

Spams the editing screen with a banner ad and the downloading screen with full-screen ads.

Isn’t a great fit for professional video editing or corporate videos.
Mobile-only editing
Who It’s Best For Content creators, beginner video editing enthusiasts, and social media teams on a tight budget
Pricing Free
Pro plan pricing: $3.99 per month; $14.99 per year, $34.99

Inshot is one of the most popular mobile video editing apps to edit and enhance both images and videos for social media. An exciting feature by Inshot that's missing in most mobile editing apps is its social media sizing feature that allows you to resize your video for specific social media platforms with a single click. 

It also offers a host of filters, animation effects, font styles, and transitions to enhance your videos further—you get even more options for these in the paid plan.

It’s a straightforward tool with an easy-to-navigate interface that offers basic editing with a minimal learning curve. It’s a great fit if you’re a social media creator, freelance social media manager, or a social media team handling many Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

Although it's an intuitive tool, it may not be the best tool for you if you’re looking for 4K support, multi-track editing, or advanced social media editing, especially for longer videos.

9) Shotcut — The best free video editing app for Windows, Mac, and Linux

shotcut video editor
Specifications Type: Downloadable app (open source)
Platform: Linux, Windows, and Mac
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Supports all major video and audio formats
Native timeline editing
Multi-format timeline where you can edit videos of different aspect ratios together
4K resolution
Video and audio capture for editing
Color correction and grading
Host of audio filtering and mixing options
Video scopes and video compositing across multiple tracks
Cons Not beginner-friendly
UI isn’t easy to navigate
Steep learning curve
Too many features can cause confusion
Who It’s Best For Seasoned video editing professionals, businesses with dedicated video editors
Pricing Free

Initially created for the Linux system, Shotcut is a great photo and video editing app which is now also compatible with Windows and Mac. It’s a free tool, ideal for experienced video editors. Beginners can use it too, but it has a considerable learning curve, courtesy of its not-so-simple UI. 

Unlike what the name suggests, the tool is not "short" on features and offers some great editing capabilities like audio and video speed effects, 360-degree video filters, and video compositing across multiple soundtracks. 

So, if you’re looking for a free tool to create professional-looking videos but have some experience working with such tools, Shotcut can be a great addition to your tech stack.

10) TikTok’s In-App Editor — The best video editor for TikTok edits

tiktok video editor
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOS & Android (when editing)
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: 3 minutes
Key Features Video camera recording and voiceover recording
Basic editing features like cutting, trimming, and adding music to videos
Massive filters and stickers library
Audio balancing with original audio and added soundtrack or voiceover
Adding subtitles to the video with a vast fonts library
Cons Doesn’t allow cross-platform editing
Lacks advanced editing capabilities
Doesn’t have any pre-made templates
Who It’s Best For TikTok creators and businesses making TikTok videos
Pricing Free

Although there are many third-party, TikTok-focused video editing tools, nothing beats the app’s in-built editor. It has a super simple menu and allows you to create and edit platform-ready videos. You can do everything from trimming your video and adjusting the original audio volume with an added soundtrack to adding captions, filters, effects, stickers, and music to your videos.

However, it may not be the best fit if you’re looking to create cinematic-type videos for your TikTok profile with advanced elements like reverse, PiP, or transitions and effects.

11) Instagram Reels In-App Editor — The quickest way to edit Reels

instagram reels video editor
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOS & Android
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: 60 seconds
Key Features Tons of filters and text styles
Huge collection of gifs and animated stickers
Easy trimming and editing capacity
Multiple audio tracks and voiceovers
Zoom-in or out capacity for the clips
Save videos as drafts or export them into your device
Cons Doesn’t rearrange clips
Doesn’t offer speed control
Some videos are downloaded without audio
No overlay support for visuals or audios
The app glitches or lags while rendering the video compilation.
Who It’s Best For Content creators, beginner video editing enthusiasts, and social media teams on a tight budget
Pricing Free

The Instagram Reels In-App Editor is your go-to tool to make engaging and viral-ready short videos. With a limit of up to 1 minute, the In-App Editor gives you an easy solution to work with short clips, images, stylized text, and soundtracks. 

Anyone with the Instagram app can use the reel editor to convert their snippets into professional-looking videos. While the app lacks advanced editing features, the editor makes up for it with the ease of navigation and flexibility it offers. But the app might not cut the bill if you're looking to edit high-quality videos longer than 60 seconds. 

12) Apple Clips — Best for really basic edits and subtitles on iOS devices

apple clips for iOS
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOS
Templates: No
Free stock library: No
Video duration: 140 seconds
Key Features Shoot videos in the Cinematic or HDR modes and edit directly
Multiple options for stickers, filters, and emojis
Supports both horizontal and vertical videos in different aspect ratios
Edit ProRes videos or add ProRAW images
Extensive music library
Slick interface and easy navigability
Cons Doesn’t come with any advanced editing functionality
Doesn’t offer speed control
No feature to add image or audio overlays
Mainstream transition effects
No customization for text
Who It’s Best For Hobbyists and starter-level content creators
Pricing Free

One of Apple's diverse suite of video editing solutions is the free Clips app. Built into all iOS devices, this is a user-friendly tool to make videos quickly on the go. It allows you to add videos from your storage or shoot videos live before displaying its timeline-based editing interface. 

Clipsallows HDR recording, supports videos in different aspect ratios, and all the essential functions to trim, delete, or modify a clip. The app doesn’t allow adding audios or choosing from its in-built library andthere are no advanced features to edit the audio tracks or layer them. 

Overall, Clips is a free tool with the most basic interface—ideal for creating personal videos and short clips for social media. The tool requires a minimal learning curve and works smoothly on iOS devices. 

13) Blender — Ideal for both video editing and 3D rendering

blender video editor and 3d rendering
Specifications Type: Downloadable software (183 MB)
Platform: Windows, iOS, Linux
Templates: No
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: 12 Hours
Key Features Versatile editing in 4 modes
Alpha Over for overlaying text, images, videos, and audio
Efficient speed control and sequencing up to 32 slots
Intuitive options to adjust colors, brightness, and saturation
High-resolution video editing with the capacity to generate proxies
VFX pipelines, motion tracking, and composting for advanced editing needs
Object-tracking, both manual and automatic, for post-production optimization
Scene stabilization functionality for better visual appeal
Cons Not ideal for beginners with minimal experience
Doesn’t process audios effectively
Lags in rendering the output
Requires a steep learning curve even for seasoned pros
Who It’s Best For Filmmakers, advanced editors, video-making experts.
Pricing Free, open-source software

If you're into 3D animations and modeling, Blender is just as good an editor as you can get. This versatile software comes with a built-in editor capable of video editing, sculpting, VFX, and 2D animation. 

You can use Blender for basic video editing needs like cutting, duplicating, and moving clips. The app also lets you layer multiple audios, text, or images on your video clips with its latest overlay feature. With its advanced features like Sequencer, Frame Offset, editing visualization, Proxy Render, and motion tracking, it’s easy to create a visual masterpiece. 

Given the host of advanced editing features it offers, Blender is more suited for professional video editors with advanced knowledge of editing tech. It also works well for filmmakers and content creators with more advanced creative software knowledge. 

14) FilmoraGo — Perfect to edit YouTube videos on your phone

filmora go
Specifications Type: Browser-based editing platform
Platform: Windows, iOS, Linux
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Massive collection of transition effects, text animations, and overlays styles
Supports 4K editing with advanced features like motion tracking, scene stabilization, 3D LUT, and noise removal
Multi-track editing functionality
Split-screen feature for enhanced editing experience
Multilingual editing options
Integrations with third-party apps like YouTube and Instagram
Supports 2D and 3D keyframing
Cons Doesn’t come in a free version
Expensive for users looking for a cost-efficient option
Glitches while rendering the video
High-level system requirements
Who It’s Best For Seasoned video editors, marketing teams, content producers.
Pricing Monthly plan: $19.99/month (Windows and Mac)
Annual plan: $61.99/month (Windows); $51.99/month (Mac)
Perpetual plan (one-time fee): $89.99/month (Windows); $79.99/month (Mac)

FilmoraGo is a feature-driven editing solution made for amateurs and pros alike. 

It comes with intuitive screen control, where you can expand or shrink the editing timeline. Alongside many basic editing features like trimming, keyframing, and motion tracking, the tool comes close to more sophisticated alternatives like Final Cut Pro with options for PiP overlay, clip syncing, transition effects, and stabilization. 

So, with a blend of easy and advanced features, this editing platform goes well for both enthusiasts and professionals. It’s a high-performance editor capable of supporting multiple output options like MP4, AVI, MKV, and HEVC. 

15) LumaFusion — Powerful multitrack video editor for mobile journalists

Specifications Type: Downloadable app (178 MB)
Platform: iOS
Templates: No
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Customizable interface without too much clutter
Powerful image stabilization functionality
Stack up to 6 layers of audio, image, and video
Zero Reverb for noise removal and audio enhancement
Non-linear editing timeline
Intuitive trimming and syncing of clips
One-tap PiP preset to reposition images quickly
Smooth rendering experience
Cons Difficult to handle massive video sequences
Doesn’t offer common features like motion tracking
Not accessible on desktop or Android devices
Limited touch control
Who It’s Best For Mid-level video editors, marketers, content creators.
Pricing One-off payment of $29.99

LumaFusion is a non-linear video editor made to edit complex video sequences and high-resolution content. Packed with advanced features to enable an efficient editing experience, the tool comes with an uncluttered interface with the ability to create a layered montage sequence of up to six layers. 

The graphic equalizer enables a seamless blend of audio with the video, while the Zero Reverb feature enhances the sound quality. Its keyframing and stabilization capabilities can produce spectacular results while you easily slide multiple clips over and around the timeline. 

Its feature-rich workspace is ideal for intermediate-level content creators who have already mastered the basics of video editing. It can also cater to the editing needs of professional video editors. 

16) Filmmaker Pro — Professional iOS video editing app

filmmaker pro video editing app
Specifications Type: Downloadable app
Platform: iOS
Templates: Yes
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Advanced editing features like PiP, photo motion, Chroma key, and unique video effects
In-app purchase for transition styles, fonts, and graffitis
Drawing tools with paintbrushes in varied styles
Supports text overlay
Gesture repositioning with a long press
Supports 4K video editing
Cons Not accessible on desktop or Android devices
The free version offers videos with a watermark
Doesn’t meet the needs for advanced video production
Who It’s Best For Content creators, educators, marketing teams, mid-level video editors.
Pricing $5.99/month

Filmmaker Pro is a lightweight video editing solution for creating short, fun videos on the fly. Available on iOS mobile devices, the editor has basic editing features for hobbyists but falls short of advanced features to meet professional requirements. 

The tool has close to 40 transition effects and 80+ customizable thematic tracks. You can also leverage video assets like appealing filters, unique fonts, stickers, and text animations. With a collection of over 200 illustrations, the app makes it easy to add life to any boring clips. As a free-to-use tool, Filmmaker Pro also offers 4k support to edit high-resolution content effectively. Besides, the gesture repositioning and autosave functionality also add to its easy usability. 

Overall, the tool is ideal for social media creators and enthusiasts to edit videos on the go. 

17) VSDC — The best free windows video editor for professionals

Specifications Type: Downloadable software (99.2 Mb)
Platform: Windows
Templates: No
Free stock library: Yes
Video duration: Unlimited
Key Features Customizable interface with options to move panels
Screen splitting capabilities with a drag-and-drop editor
Unique filters matching Instagram’s collection
Supports videos in multiple formats, like HEVC, 4K, and 360 VR
Sophisticated features, including motion tracking, chroma-keying, color grading, and stabilization
Multiple features to synchronize audio effects
Cons A cluttered interface that makes editing challenging
Extremely slow video processing speed
Opens a separate application for video previews
The free version has a poor performance
Who It’s Best For Social media teams on a tight budget, video editing enthusiasts, educators.
Pricing Free

VSDC is an affordable and seamless enthusiast-level editing app. While the tool’s free version is good for basic edits, the paid plan gives you access to a power-packed editing suite with features like HSL color editing, motion tracking, audio waveform editing, sub-pixel resolution, and green screen. 

With its slick interface and a toolbar ribbon, you get a fairly simple workspace to create your content. VSDC also offers a bunch of Instagram-like filters, an AI Art Generator, and basic adjustment options. Besides, the tool works pretty efficiently for editing 4K videos, HEVC content, and 360 VR videos. Its Chroma keying, motion tracking, and stabilization capabilities are just as good as other pricier alternatives. 

All the combination of features available at a thrifty price makes VSDC an excellent solution for beginners and mid-level video editors. 

How do you know which is the best video editing app for you?

The best tool is the one that has the features you need to produce the end-result you want and that you enjoy using. So how do you find the best tool for you?

Your best bet would be to create a list of things that matter to you. Here are some things you should consider while choosing a tool for you:

  • Budget
  • Number of users
  • Number of videos you want to edit in a month
  • The role of video in your content strategy
  • What kind of videos are you looking to make?
  • Who will be editing the videos and what is their skill-level with editing?
  • List of must-have features you need in a tool

Based on these factors, review each tool in this list and choose the one that can best address your video editing needs to create exceptionally-looking videos that fulfill your editing purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

YouTube creators use tools that best align with their needs, budget and skill level. Since most YouTubers use professional cameras to shoot their content. Newer creators who don’t want to spend their time navigating complicated tools use a simple all-in-one editing solution like VEED to edit and refine their videos. Creators with some editing experience often use more advanced tools like Adobe Premiere Pro.

What’s the best free video editing software?

If you're looking for a free tool to transform your clips into professional-looking videos, then WeVideo is a great choice. It’s beginner-friendly, has simple navigation and a smooth UI, comes with a host of simple to advanced features and offers direct sharing on social media.

What’s the best video editing software for Windows?

Adobe Premiere Pro and VSDC are two great video editing solutions for Windows that are fast, highly compatible and user-friendly. They offer an intuitive workspace and a complete suite of features for editing videos on Windows.

What’s the best free video editing app for iPhone and iPad?

Of all the free video editing apps for iOS mobile devices, CapCut is the most popular choice. If you’re editing videos on your iPhone, use CapCut but if you’re editing on your iPad, then use VEED to save up on storage, and leverage a comprehensive editing suite.

What’s the best video editing app for android?

You’ll find tons of video editing apps for Android devices—both free and paid. However, your hunt for the best editing app on Android should end with the powerful VivaVideo app. 

It’s a seamless editing solution, perfect for editing videos on your Android phone. It brings dynamic editing features, great for both beginners and pros to edit videos on the go.

What’s the best professional video editing software?

Editing videos at a professional level is a whole different ball game than the usual video production experience. Professional video producers work with high-resolution, bulky files that require efficient and powerful editing software. Adobe Premiere is the perfect solution for this. It comes with versatile elements and sophisticated editing options to make scroll-stopping videos for different use cases.

What’s the easiest video editing app?

Video editing is no cakewalk. But if you don’t want to go through the struggle of downloading a software, learning about its functionality, and then editing your video, then try VEED. It’s a hassle-free, efficient, and user-friendly platform for web-based video editing. 

What is the best video editing app?

The best video editing app should ideally cater to the needs of both amateurs and pros with a balanced combination of basic and advanced editing features. It should also support a responsive interface for multiple devices to maximize accessibility. Going by these parameters, VEED qualifies as the best video editing app to fulfill all your editing and production needs for video content. 

Final thoughts

Your video editing needs will best define the video editor you should go for.

However, we recommend more experienced video creators who need professional tools to go for a tool like Adobe Premiere. While non-professionals like marketers, content creators, and business owners who want to create content like a pro should use a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool like VEED for fast and simple editing. 

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