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Convert Videos from YouTube to GIFs Online

Do you like a clip you see on YouTube that would make a good GIF? Have you ever wanted to make GIFs from your favourite YouTube videos? Well, now you can by simply copying a YouTube video’s link and pasting it into VEED. Within VEED you will then be able to trim, crop, add text, and much more, to your clip to create the perfect GIF

Youtube to GIF
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Online GIF Converter

Create all the GIFs you want straight from within your browser using VEED’s online GIF converter. No need to download software

Crop for Social

Crop your GIF for social media in just a few clicks. VEED has all major social media platform dimensions saved for you

Import from YouTube

Quickly import videos from Youtube and trim them down to shareable GIFs

Grow your audience

Create a shareable GIF and increase your reach across all social platforms

Add Text to GIF

With VEED, you can easily add text to GIFs. Customise the font, size, colour, and much more

Download GIF

You can download your new GIF as a .gif file or as a .mp4 video file

How to convert YouTube videos to GIFs:

Convert your YouTube videos to GIFs in 3 easy steps

Import Video to VEED

To import a YouTube video into VEED, you copy the YouTube video’s link and paste it into VEED. VEED will import it into its project editor ready for you to begin creating your GIF

Crop, Resize and Add Text

Now your video is ready for editing. The first thing to do is trim the video down to your favourite moment. Then crop your GIF. You can do this by clicking on the canvas size menu to choose between a bunch of preset social media dimensions, from Instagram posts to TikToks. Then add text to your GIF, and customise the font style as well as the colour and size

Download & Share Your GIF

When you are done creating the perfect GIF, just hit download and your video will start rendering. For more help on how to make a GIF from a YouTube video, you can check out our tutorials on our website and YouTube channel

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Why create GIFs for social media?

Make GIFs - get likes

Increase your reach

Creating funny and relatable GIFs will increase your social reach, dramatically

Higher retention time

Liven up your posts with GIFs to increase your content’s retention time, which is a key factor when it comes to growing on social platforms

Suitable for any platform

With VEED you can easily resize your GIFs to prepare them for any social media platform. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

More Than a GIF Maker

VEED is a lot more than a tool that allows you to convert a YouTube video to GIF. Our online video editor has much more to offer. VEED is a video editor and a tool for creatives to make engaging social media content with ease

Youtube to GIF
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