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Cut & Trim WEBM Files online!

Do you want to cut your WEBM files?

VEED is a free, easy-to-use tool that lets you trim and merge your WEBM video clips. It’s perfect for editing videos on the go or at home. Works on any platform - PC, Mac, Android, iOS - and with any file format. No experience needed - super simple video editing

You can use VEED to create awesome videos with music from YouTube or SoundCloud. Or, share your favorite moments in life with friends and family using Instagram Stories!

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Why choose VEED’s WEBM Video Cutter?

  • Cut, trim, join and merge your video clips into amazing videos in a snap
  • Make quick, smart edits to your WEBM videos
  • It’s easy to use - designed with you in mind
  • Create awesome new videos for social media and viral marketing campaigns
  • Cut a clip out of the middle of your video
  • VEED is perfect for those who are looking for the best way to cut WEBM clips
  • Create awesome HD videos that can be shared everywhere over social media networks like YouTube and Instagram
  • No quality loss!
  • Tons of other features - add text, subtitles, remove audio, clean audio and more!