Short-form video by repurposing your existing videos

Short-form video by repurposing your existing videos

Repurpose your existing videos, to quickly create short-form content to continually engage your audience.

Video content is great! But videos can be hard to create, and your social content is only exposed for a limited time, making it really hard to consistently engage your audience.

At VEED we've been developing processes to help our users make the most of their video marketing efforts. In this blog, I want to explain how you can take your pre-existing branded video and repurpose to make new posts for your social media channels.

Let's imagine we're the Social Media Manager for Pipedrive, and we need to promote a hackathon we're organizing (hackathon is just one example - it could be a blog post, competition, product feature, etc). To do that we're going to create an Instagram story to get the word out to our audience.

1. Find video content

Look through existing content on your social media pages or website that you could reuse. I found this "Missions & Tribes" video on Pipedrive's facebook that was originally published in 2018. I chose this clip because there are scenes of people working, collaborating and in an event space. In fact, it looks just like a hackathon, but I believe it's just the companies office. We'll use this as the backdrop to our post.

Find video content

2. Upload video & trim

Now we have our video, we're going to up upload it to VEED.IO and select the best parts for our new hackathon post.

Upload video & trim

3. Crop video

We are now going to crop our video for Instagram. Therefore we are going to head over to the crop tool and select portrait video.

Crop video online

4. Call to action and logo

Now we're going to add some text or call to action and the Pipedrive logo with the add image tool. Once we're happy with the video we can just hit download and the render process starts.

Call to action and logo

5. Post your video

That's it! Our video is ready to post on Instagram to promote our hackathon. In just 5 minutes we have created an original social media video post from pre-existing content that looks professional and slick. By just adding new massaging and being selective with video trimming, you can create really creative content. Remember if you dont have any assets you can always use stock footage.

Download edited video

If you would like any help of pointer dont to hesitate to reach out, alternatively we're running a promotion for the next 10 days where you can send us your video, and we'll make a short edit for you.


Short-form video by repurposing your existing videos