Top 9 Websites to Download Subtitle Files

Searching for the subtitles for your favorite movie, show, or video? Check out our roundup of the best websites from where you can download subtitle files with ease.

Aarushi Singh
Top 9 Websites to Download Subtitle Files

Whether you need them for movie night or just for a video, finding the best website to download subtitle files can be tricky. 

Most subtitle download sites are either spammy, contain lots of unwanted ads, or just deliver an unpleasant experience by providing you with the wrong file altogether. 

To help you out, we analyzed different subtitle downloading websites to figure out which ones are the most convenient and reliable. We condensed information like their ease of use, features available, and drawbacks into helpful reviews. And we’ve shared them all in this super helpful guide where you can find both free and paid options to download subtitles. 

Jump to a specific tool:

  1. VEED
  2. OpenSubtitles
  3. iTubeGo
  4. Subdl
  5. VideoProc Converter
  7. Subscene
  8. YIFY Subtitles
  9. Wondershare UniConverter

[#TOC1]1. VEED[#TOC1]

Best for Creating and Downloading Subtitles Online for Videos in 100+ Languages

Subtitle Formats: SRT, VVT, and TXT file formats 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to download subtitles of your important videos, VEED is your go-to solution. It allows you to easily generate subtitles for your videos, in more than 100 languages. And all it takes is a few clicks — VEED’s AI-powered auto-subtitle feature will do the rest! 

Simply upload the video file or paste the URL of the live video. Head over to the Subtitles option in the toolbar, hit auto-generate and VEED will automatically create subtitles for your videos in your preferred language. This way, you can get transcripts of a YouTube video, a podcast, or any other recording. 

Once generated, you can download your subtitle file in the SRT, VVT, or the TXT format. VEED also gives you the option to hard-code the generated subtitles onto your video — which is just one of the many features that come built into this powerful online video editor. 

Some of its key features include: 

  • Screen recording 
  • Subtitle editing 
  • Video annotating 
  • Green screen editing 
  • AI text to speech voiceover 
  • Auto subtitling with subtitle editor and translator 
  • Removing noise from video’s background audio  
  • One-click automatic video editing with Magic Cut feature 
  • Automatic eye correction for your videos 

VEED also offers features such as video cutter, video splitter, video joiners, and video effects and filters. So, once your subtitles are ready, you can either download them in your preferred format, or polish your video file further by using features like annotations, visual elements, templates, backgrounds, stock music, stock video, and much more. 

The best part is VEED is a browser-based subtitle generator and video editor. It’s compatible with all popular web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more. 

With the free account, you get two hours of automatic translations, 20 GB storage, and unlimited projects. You can upload files of up to 50 MB and export videos in 720p. 

Generates subtitles for your videos with AI Does not offer pre-made subtitle files for shows and movies
Comes with a complete suite of video editing tools
Browser-based tool that doesn’t take up significant resources
Can generate subtitles in more than 140 languages

[#TOC2]2. OpenSubtitles[#TOC2]

Best for Downloading Multiple Subtitle Files at Once

Subtitle Formats: SRT, SUB, SSA, and TXT file formats 

OpenSubtitles offers a rich library of over 5 million subtitles in nearly 50 languages. Chances are, you’ll easily find free subtitles for various movies and TV shows available there. They also have an AI feature that lets you transcribe movies and audio to subtitles, translate subtitles to various languages, and create voice-overs from subtitles. 

So, OpenSubtitles is not just for those who want to download subtitles for movies or TV shows, but also designed for content creators, language learners, and businesses that want to create their own subtitles. 

The interface is very user-friendly with a search bar that makes it easier to find and extract subtitles you need. Plus, it has a Chrome and Firefox plugin for quick access. It’s also free to use, so you don’t need to sign up or buy a subscription. 

OpenSubtitles Pros OpenSubtitles Cons
Fast download and rich library of subtitles The site isn’t mobile-friendly
Subtitles available in about 50 languages No subtitle editing available
No need to sign up or pay for anything Contains ads that may be disruptive to your

[#TOC3]3. iTubeGo[#TOC3]

Best for Downloading Subtitles of YouTube Videos

Subtitle Formats: SRT file format

iTubeGo is truly a versatile platform, offering a range of features including a subtitle SRT extractor, YouTube downloader, audio downloader, and video converter. 

This is great for creators, online course educators, and marketers who often need to use YouTube clips in their videos to explain a topic better, or strengthen their story’s narrative with visuals. 

iTubeGo also supports downloading entire YouTube playlists and channels — no need to manually add each video, just paste the entire playlist link at once. 

Besides YouTube, iTubeGo also lets you download videos from 10,000 other websites. In addition, whether you’re looking to download English subtitles or Arabic, Japanese, French, or Spanish, iTubeGo lets you access SRT subtitles in various global languages. 

All things considered, its harsh limit of three videos on the free trial hampers its suitability for users seeking a more flexible and cost effective subtitle downloading experience. 

iTubeGo Pros iTubeGo Cons
Ability to download subtitles for entire YouTube playlists Only allows 3 videos with the free trial
Private mode for secure browsing No browser extension available as of now
Support for YouTube subtitle download SRT in
various languages

[#TOC4]4. Subdl[#TOC4]

Best for Downloading Movie Subtitles in Multiple Languages

Subtitle Formats: SRT, ASS, TXT, VTT file formats

Subdl has one of the most clean and intuitive layout, second only to VEED. As soon as you open the website, it offers an advanced search bar to help you find subtitles for specific movies and TV series. 

Want to see popular movies or discover new TV series to binge watch? Head over to its discover or popular tab and get recommendations based on what other people are watching. Plus, it supports over 100+ languages, making subtitles more accessible for a global audience. 

That said, Subdl is limited to movies and TV series, so you can’t download subtitles for YouTube videos or other content on different platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Subdl Pros Subdl Cons
User-friendly interface Doesn't offer subtitle editing
Completely free to use
Recommends trending content

[#TOC5]5. VideoProc Converter[#TOC5]

Best for Downloading Subtitles for Different Types of Content

Subtitle Formats: SRT/ASS file format

VideoProc Converter positions itself as a video processing software first. It allows users to convert, resize, and process videos and audios. 

Second, it lets you download subtitles from YouTube videos and other 1000+ websites separately or in batch. With its built-in editor, you can also add hardcode subtitles and embed SRT files to MP4 videos

The only catch is VideoProc Converter is a desktop software. You need to download the app in order to use it —  not the ideal and most convenient setup if you’re looking to download subtitles on the go. 

However, if you do intend to use it, note that it’s compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, or later. You can also download VideoProc converter on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.  

VideoProc Converter Pros VideoProc Converter Cons
Offers video editing features High learning curve; not beginner friendly
Allows separate video and audio downloads Download speeds fluctuate often
Offers a video recorder Free trial limited with basic features


Best for Downloading Subtitles for TV Shows

Subtitle Formats: SRT file format has a simple interface with the latest and most popular downloaded subtitles listed on its homepage. It offers easy to navigate tabs at the top of the homepage such as TV shows and Movies to quickly filter results. All the subtitle SRT files are packed with WinZip, so you need to unpack it in order to use your downloaded subtitles. 

All in all, the website is pretty straightforward in terms of usage and what it offers. But there’s no way to extract subtitles for YouTube videos, or upload your file and create an SRT file for post production. 

So, if you’re looking for more flexibility and versatility in terms of subtitle editing, video creation, and post production, you’re better off considering a more comprehensive tool like VEED. Pros Cons
Clean and simple user-interface Limited to movies and TV shows only
Language filter available Sometimes doesn't have subtitles for the latest content
Allows users to contribute subtitle files as well No flexibility for subtitle editing or uploads

[#TOC7]7. Subscene[#TOC7]

Best for Downloading TV and Movie Subtitles in Different Languages

Subtitle Formats: SRT file format

Subscene stands out in this list as it’s an online community for downloading and sharing subtitle files. While the website offers a rich library of free subtitles for various movies and TV shows in multiple global languages, you can also request for specific subtitles in the community forum from other users. The best part is that it’s free to use and allows you to download SRT files in over 60+ languages. 

Similar to many subtitle downloaders in this list, Subscene is also limited to movies and TV shows. For YouTube videos or other online content, you may want to explore other options like VEED, OpenSubtitles, or iTubeGo.

Subscene Pros Subscene Cons
Simple user interface with advanced built-in search bar Contains ads and unwanted spam webpages that can be
User-friendly interface Limited to movies and TV shows only
Ability to request subtitles for particular movies in
discussion forums

[#TOC8]8. YIFY Subtitles[#TOC8]

Best for Downloading Subtitles for Latest Movies

Subtitle Formats: SRT file format

Want to quickly look up a movie’s plot before you download its subtitles? Or browse movies based on their IMDB and Tomato ratings? 

YIFY Subtitles offers a modern and sleek interface with movie titles, IMDB ratings, Tomato ratings, movie length, release year, and even the writers and directors of the respective movies. Browsing YIFY subtitles feels like a breeze — no need to sign up, download a hefty software, or struggle to navigate to the right tab.

It’s worth noting that the website only offers movie subtitles, particularly the latest ones. So you might not find older legendary movies on the site.

YIFY Subtitles Pros YIFY Subtitles Cons
Modern and sleek interface Limited to movie subtitles SRT only
Smart search filters Doesn’t include older movies
Offers information page for each title

[#TOC9]9. Wondershare UniConverter[#TOC9]

Best for Downloading Subtitles Through a Locally-Installed Tool

Subtitle Formats: SRT file format

Wondershare UniConverter is a video converter, video editor, screen recorder, and compressor. It also offers a subtitle editor — you can create and add subtitles to MP4, upload SRT files to movies, convert text to subtitle lines, and even customize the look of your subtitles. 

Once you install its desktop application, you can download thousands of SRT subtitles easily. Then, you can import the SRT subtitle and change its font size, color, subtitle position, and more. Plus, you can also add your unique subtitle tracks to videos. 

Wondershare UniConverter Pros Wondershare UniConverter Cons
Ability to add and edit subtitles Doesn’t offer powerful video editing features
Supports multiple audio tracks and subtitles Has a steep learning curve; not beginner friendly
All-in-one video converter, editor, DVD burner, and more

Final Verdict: Which is the Best Website to Download Subtitles?

The best website to download subtitles depends on factors such as ease of use, compatibility, language preferences, and your unique needs. To help you choose the right one, here are our three top recommendations for specific use cases: 

  • Best website for multilingual subtitles: OpenSubtitles. It offers one of the largest subtitle file directory with over 5 million subtitles in nearly 50 different languages. All you need to do is head over to the website, search the movie or TV show you want to extract subtitles for, and hit download. 
  • Best website for one-click YouTube playlist subtitles: iTubeGo. If you’re a creator who wants to download entire YouTube playlist subtitles, you can’t go wrong with iTubeGo. The platform lets you download videos from YouTube and 10,000 other websites in various languages. This makes it one of the best choices for those who often need to access subtitles of online videos (in addition to movies and TV shows). 
  • Best website for subtitle downloading and editing: VEED. It is an AI-powered subtitle downloader and video editor. You can generate subtitles for your videos automatically with a single click, choose the preferred subtitle language, and export them. It also gives you the option to hardcode subtitles on your videos. VEED is great for content creators, online educators, social media managers, influencers, and marketers who not only need subtitles, but a more comprehensive tool that does the heavy lifting of video editing as well. 

Want to get started with VEED? All you need to do is sign up right now, and you can start downloading subtitles for your videos, or even edit them right there in the dashboard.

Top 9 Websites to Download Subtitle Files

Aarushi Singh

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download subtitles?

  1. Go to VEED and upload the video. 
  2. In the left toolbar, go to Subtitles. 
  3. Click on Auto-generate. 
  4. Choose the preferred subtitle language and start the extraction
  5. Go to options and download the subtitle file as either .srt, .vtt. Or .txt files.

How do I download subtitles from a URL?

  1. Go to VEED and paste the URL of the video. 
  2. In the left toolbar, go to Subtitles. 
  3. Click on Auto-generate. 
  4. Choose the preferred subtitle language and start the extraction
  5. Go to options and download the subtitle file as either .srt, .vtt. Or .txt files.

Which app is used for subtitles?

  1. OpenSubtitles: Easily search and download subtitles of your desired movie or TV show. 
  2. iTubeGo: Download subtitles for entire playlists from YouTube and 10,000 other websites. 
  3. VEED: Automatically generate subtitles for your videos, customize languages, hard coded subtitles, and download them.

Can one download subtitles?


Yes. You can download subtitles by using VEED. Simply upload your video file and click on Auto generate to automatically create subtitles for your videos. Once it’s ready, click on the export button and download your subtitle file as either .srt, .vtt. or .txt files.


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