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YouTube Channel Trailer Maker

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Do you want to make a professional-looking trailer for the content on your YouTube channel? Do you want to introduce viewers to your channel in style? Well, now you can, with VEED. Get views, likes and subscribes, with VEED’s YouTube channel trailer maker. It’s easy to use, and all online, no software needed!

YouTube Channel Trailer Maker
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YouTube trailer maker

With VEED, you can make a professional-looking trailer that gives viewers all the information they need to know about your channel


Promote your channel and your brand, with a stunning YouTube trailer. You can use VEED’s full range of video editing tools to make your trailer dazzle


You can capture your audience’s attention, with an exciting trailer that shows off what your channel has to offer


You can add text, links, and even annotate your YouTube trailer, so viewers can follow “next steps” into the world of your channel

Create a buzz

Get people talking, with a trailer that surprises, or makes people laugh. You can increase views, likes and subscribers, with a trailer people want to share

Intros & outros

You can also create video intros and outros for all your YouTube content, using VEED’s intro & outro maker. Give us a try

How to make a YouTube channel trailer:

Make your own YouTube channel trailer in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Upload your video to VEED’s super-fast servers. We’re all online, so you don’t need to download any software

2. Edit

Using VEED’s wide range of video editing tools, you can make your YouTube channel trailer really pop. Filters, text, links, stickers, sound effects, annotations, and more!

3. Share

When you’re done, hit ‘Download’, and - boom - you’re ready to start sharing your YouTube trailer with your viewers and subscribers. Almost too easy ...

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Why make a YouTube channel trailer?

Entertain, engage, explain - speak to your followers

Get the word out

Start spreading the message about what your YouTube channel has to offer. And with VEED, you can resize the video to fit any platform - Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more - with a single click

Tell your story

Trailers are a great way to get audiences engaged, and to tell the story of your channel. Let your subscribers know how you started and where you came from

YouTube like a pro

Make your YouTube channel official, by introducing it with a professional-looking trailer. Entice new audiences, and entertain your subscribers

More than a YouTube channel trailer maker

Do you want to make intros & outros for all your YouTube or Instagram videos? Do you want to convert your YouTube videos to instantly-shareable GIFs? Do you want to make explainer videos, or video tutorials, to help your followers solve a problem? With VEED you can do all this, and more! Check out our pages below, to see how we can help you

YouTube Channel Trailer Maker

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