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Intro & Outro Maker

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Have you ever seen a video that hooked you in, right from the start? Have you ever seen a video that ended with a clear and powerful message? Intros and outros are a great way to frame your video content. You can build brand recognition, engage your audience, and give your videos a professional edge. With VEED’s free, online intro and outro maker, you can make amazing-looking clips that not only promote your brand, but also tie your online content together, creating a coherent, consistent presence

Intro & Outro Maker
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YouTube intro & outro maker

Using VEED’s YouTube intro & outro maker, you can make professional intros and outros that grab attention and have a big impact on viewers and views

Hook your audience

Intros can quickly key your audience in to the core messages and values of your brand, while also creating a hook to capture your audience’s attention

Call to action

Outros can be a great place to provide your followers with a “call to action’’. Use stickers, text, and links, to make accessing your brand as simple as a single click

Be consistent

With VEED you can resize and reshape your intros and outros to fit any social media platform, and ensure your online presence is always on brand

Define your brand

Video intros and outros give you a chance to show your followers who you really are. Use all of VEEDs online editing tools to create an image that really lasts


Your intro, outro, or both, can be used again and again, to frame your content and develop brand recognition with followers

How to make intro and outro videos:

Make intro and outro videos in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Choose the clips you want to upload to VEED so you can put together video intros and outros that will grab your audience’s attention

2. Create

VEED provides all the templates and tools you will need to quickly and easily create stunning, professional-looking intros and outros. You can add titles, stickers, links, and use a whole range of other editing tools to make your intros and outros dazzling!

3. Share

Once you’ve made the perfect intro or outro, just click ‘Download’, and you’re ready to share it with the world. And, of course, you can use VEED to frame all your video content with your new intros and outros. Drag, drop, trim, resize. It’s free and easy to use

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Why make intro and outro videos?

The fast way to great looking intros & outros


Reel your audience in - hook, line and sinker - with an intro that grabs attention. Then you can turn that engagement into a “call to action”, with an interactive outro


Intros and outros can be a great way to give a professional look and feel to the start and/or end of a video. You can show your audience who you are and what your brand stands for, with clear and simple intros and outros framing your video


Once you’ve made your intro, outro, or both, it can be used across numerous videos and platforms. VEED is designed to allow you to quickly add your intros and outros to any video, and to change that video’s format to suit any social media platform

More than an intro & outro maker

Users choose VEED for a wide range of reasons - with VEED you can merge videos together, add and translate subtitles to your videos, apply filters, add/remove audio, sound effects, and so much more! Try it for free to discover how VEED could work for you

Intro & Outro Maker

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