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Voice Over Video Maker

Make voice over videos, online

Do you want to make a video with a smooth video voice over? One that tells the story of someone who uses your product? Or explains the concept behind your business? Or gives a clear and simple tutorial on how to perform a difficult task? Well, VEED is the place for you

Voice Over Video Maker
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Video Voice Overs

With VEED, you can create stunning voice over videos, right in your browser. No account required, and you never need to download any software

Tell a story

You can use your video voice over to narrate the story of someone who uses your product. Make it a personal voice over video, by including photos, images and text

Explainers and Tutorials

You can also create explainers and video tutorials, using voice over videos, with VEED. Use annotations to help your learners understand, as well as clear voice over instructions


Voice overs have been used in video Advertising since the days of black and white film. Voice overs are a great way to ‘get inside the heads’ of the people on screen, and to understand why they use a product or service

So easy to use

Record your voice over, and upload it with a single click. Easily change the timing and volume, cut, copy, paste, and trim


VEED is a professional online video editing suite. Adding voice overs with our Audio tool is just one of the many ways you can create stunning video content

How to make a video voice over:

Make your own voice over video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload your video

Add your video, photos and images to VEED. It’s all online, you can do it right in your browser

2. Add your audio

Using our Audio tool, you can add your audio with a single click. It’s so easy - change the timing, volume, cut, copy, past, trim, whatever you need

3. Download & share 

Hit ‘Download’, and you’re ready to share your voice over video with the world. Resize to fit any social media platform. Easy

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Why use our voice over video creator?

Narrate, explain, advertise


We all know recording sound ‘on location’ can have it’s problems - wind, background noise, cumbersome boom mics. A voice over video is simple. Record the sound in your own time


A voice over is a great way to add another textual layer to your video. Add a soundtrack, sound effects, text, logo, links, and more, to your video


A video showsus, but the narrator tellsus the story. A voice over video does both, and it’s a powerful and persuasive combo

More than a voice over video maker

We are so much more than a voice over video maker. We help people with all their video needs. If you need to make a video montage for Instagram, an event invitation video for Twitter, or a gaming intro for YouTube - guess what, VEED’s got your back. VEED makes video easy. Check out the links below

Voice Over Video Maker

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