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Logo Intro Video Maker

Create Logo Videos, and make Logo Video Intros, Online

Are you looking to create a professional intro video with your brand’s logo? Want to use stickers with your company’s logo, text with your slogan, an image, photo, or coloured background? Well, now you can, with VEED. Not only is it possible, it’s easy. You can do it all, with VEED

Logo Intro Video Maker
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Logo Video Maker

With VEED, you can create stunning logo intro videos. No software required, get started right away

Logos, Shapes, Images

You can upload your logo as an image, put it against a coloured background (using our Shapes tool) or an image you’ve chosen

Your Personal BrandKit

You can upload your logo in different sizes and colours, against different backgrounds, and save them all into your BrandKit, so you can easily apply them to any video


Whether you’re looking for a short logo intro video, or to apply your logo and branding to the corner of all your videos, VEED has the tools for you


Intro videos, outro videos, and logo videos, are a great way to develop brand recognition. Check out our Intro & Outro maker for more info

All under one roof

You can apply your logo intro video to all your online video content, for a coherent online marketing strategy. It couldn't be easier, with VEED

How to make a logo intro video:

Make your own logo video in 3 easy steps

1. Add

Add your logo to VEED, just drag and drop. VEED works in your browser. You can even use your personal BrandKit, to store it for future use

2. Edit

Add a background image, block colour (using our Shapes tool), or add your logo on top of a video. Then add some text for a slogan - you can even upload your own fonts

3. Finish up

Once you’re happy with your logo video, hit ‘Download’, and you’re done. Your logo intro awaits. Add it to all your videos, and resize for different social platforms, with a single click

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Why use our logo intro video creator?

Boldly logo, where no one has gone before


You can resize your logo intro video to fit any social media platform - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more - with a single click


You want your logo, brandname, and slogan, to be remembered. Logo intro videos, and using your logo as a sticker in your videos, give your logo that memorability


Now you can stamp your videos with the hallmark of quality that your brand represents. Not only that, but the videos themselves will look more professional as a result. Nice

More than a logo intro video maker

At VEED, we don’t just do logo videos and intros. No. We do all kinds of video. Explainer videos, Twitter videos, news videos, Instagram Ads, motivational videos, you name it. Explore our range of tools, below, to discover how VEED could work for you. Check us out. It’s free

Logo Intro Video Maker

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