How Fintech Company Weavr Transformed its Approach to Video with VEED

I created my first video from a template. Within 30 minutes I was able to just drop in some videos, imagery, and words, to produce a video that wasn’t professional quality, but it looked like it took three hours to make.

How Fintech Company Weavr Transformed its Approach to Video with VEED

Weavr’s VP of Marketing Adam Harrison explains how his marketing and sales teams make better assets, and work more efficiently, having removed the pain points from the video process using VEED  

Adam Harrison is VP of Marketing at Weavr, a tech company which makes it possible for any digital business to embed financial services into its platform. 

His role at Weavr is wide-ranging, overseeing advertising and PR, sales pipelines, social media and everything in between. But at its core, his job is communication, and he thinks video is by far the most effective tool he can call on.  

But making more video is easier said than done. In-house teams get overwhelmed with requests. Working with agencies can be slow and expensive. But thanks to VEED, Adam and his team can produce many of the videos this fast-moving business needs in a timely and efficient way. 

Here Adam talks about the importance of video for Weavr, his favorite VEED features, and how VEED empowers his team to work more efficiently, and effectively.  

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[#TOC1]Could you briefly explain what Weavr does, and what is your role there?[#TOC1] 

Weavr makes it possible for any digital business to embed financial services into their 

platform. We typically work with Software-as-a-Service businesses building B2B solutions for employee benefits, expense management and supplier payments. 

Financial services is a hugely regulated industry – you need to think about compliance, and data regulation. It’s a minefield that anyone outside of the financial services industry doesn’t get involved in because it’s so difficult. 

People come to us to get access to readymade solutions they can quickly deploy, knowing we don't just provide the financial technology but also take on the burden of managing compliance and other tricky bits.

As VP of Marketing I oversee everything from brand building to demand generation, PR, Hubspot wizardry, social media and email. 

[#TOC2]Why is video important for Weavr?[#TOC2] 

As a VP of Marketing, I have to build a brand, and build demand for the product. The ways I think about doing that are through really persuasive storytelling. We use text and imagery, but video is a much, much more powerful way of doing that. 

We see that whenever we use video, our dwell time on blogs increases, our conversion on paid advertising increases. So video just makes it way easier for somebody to get a message very quickly. And video is only growing in importance.

[#TOC3]What do you use VEED for? [#TOC3]

Making more powerful content 

We use video for quite a few different things. We create videos to introduce complex topics in our blogs or white papers. If you compare a written piece of copy on what embedded finance to 30 seconds of video, the video is much more powerful. And with VEED you can drop in images and other bits of content that are really going to help tell that story.

Repurposing content to boost ROI

We also run quite a number of webinars, so we use VEED to help us repurpose the content that we get and cut it up into different videos, take out a little sizzle reel, drop some things into social media. 

Typically, any marketer is trying to think – what's the value I can get from this piece of content, in terms of turning it into 12 different things. Now we can do that with video, because we can do it ourselves with VEED.

A more personalized sales approach 

Our sales team has started using VEED for sales prospecting. It’s all about cut through, because everybody is bombarded with sales emails and LinkedIn approaches. Being able to send a quick, snappy video from a salesperson, in a brand safe template, is really powerful. It’s a key element for us from a sales perspective.

[#TOC4]How has VEED changed your approach to making video?[#TOC4] 

We do way more video now than we did before VEED. Weavr is a small company compared to some of the big tech titans (like Google and Meta) that I worked at before. We had whole teams and budgets and agencies that were an order of magnitude bigger. 

So for a business like ours, VEED just means that we can do some of this ourselves. 

We have agencies who work for us, but sometimes I just need something with a video that would take my agency three days to get their head around and respond to. I can do that sometimes in 15 minutes. It's going to be way cheaper than asking an agency to do it for you.

And obviously, as a brand owner, I kind of get the brand more than anybody outside the business is going to get it.

[#TOC5]What are your favorite VEED features?[#TOC5] 

In short, here are some of our favorites:

  • Video background remover
  • Background noise remover
  • Automatic subtitles 
  • Templates
  • Brand kit

I probably only graze the surface of what's possible. But I think for me, the “wow” moments of using VEED at the beginning came very quickly. 

I uploaded a video, removed the background in one click and cleaned the audio because there was a bit of muffled sound going on in the background. Then I added subtitles. It was ridiculously easy – I did that in about five minutes. 

Another thing for our sales team is the ability to create those templates. So my team will design a brand template for them to use. The brand kit is really useful to make sure that everybody's consistent in terms of how the videos look.

[#TOC6]How do you think about AI in terms of video creation?[#TOC6]

Honestly, I don't really think about AI when I'm on VEED. What I care about is – what it can do for me? Does it make my life easier, and faster, and cheaper?

The feature that I know uses AI on VEED is subtitles. When I did my first video, just clicking a button and getting like a 99% accuracy on the subtitles overlaid in a few seconds, it was pretty mega. Those tools that save time, and save cost, are a winner. I'm pretty sure the AI is making it faster and easier for me to create these videos.

People in tech care about AI. Consumers using VEED don't care about AI, they just care about what it can do for them.

[#TOC7]How would you describe VEED to a friend?[#TOC7] 

A lot of my friends are marketing or design people. I tell them that it’s Premiere Pro that your granny could use. Or Canva for video.

Basically, I say, VEED is a powerful way to produce on-brand videos without hiring an agency. I don't see why you wouldn’t use it.

How Fintech Company Weavr Transformed its Approach to Video with VEED

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