How To Create Videos like Gary Vaynerchuk

How To Create Videos like Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee is an American entrepreneur who has been growing in popularity over the last few years due to his savvy use of social media. Like him or not, you can't argue that his social media strategy is pretty impressive.

Gary's style of videos is so simple, yet extremely engaging. The relatively low production value of the content means his team can produce a lot of content very quickly. Additionally, I would also assume Instagram's algorithm favours Gary Vee's videos as it keeps Instagram users on their platform for longer, a strategy YouTube integrated a few years back.

All good social videos should bring value to the audience, this is something Gary Vee is a master of with his self-help style video. Here are the three main components that make up a Gary Vee video.

  1. Square crop
  2. Big Snappy Title
  3. Subtitles
  4. Progress bar
  5. Add logo

Now let us dive into how to make a video like Gary Vee for social media to you can start making your own.

1. Upload your video to VEED

First, choose your video file. Head to our online video editor and click upload video. Once your video has been uploaded you will be taken to the VEED editor.

Make Gary Vee videos with VEED

Once you video has uploaded the editor should be open and the page will look like this.

Open video in editor

2. Square crop

Gary Vee's videos are often square on his profile and vertical on his stories. This is because in both cases he is trying to acquire as much visual real estate as possible. In this example, we are going to crop the video square for the main feed.

In the top right change the video aspect ratio to square. Next in the video tab we are going to change the background colour of the video to white.

Change crop size and background colour

3. Clickbait Headline

Now lets head over to the text tab and add our catchy headline to the video. I am going to use a bold font and align the text in the middle. I am also going to grab the handles on the video and change the size of it so that it runs to the bottom of the canvas. You video should not look like my image below.

Add text to video

4. Add subtitles to video

80% of videos on social media are consumed without audio. Therefore adding subtitles is extremely important to retain the narrative of the content. You can use our automatic subtitle tool or add them manually. Next I am going to choose the "Hard subtitle style"  

Add subtitles to videos

5. Add progress bar

Finally, I am going to add a progress bar. To add a progress bar to a video, click on the progress bar tool then colour and position it as your with. I am going to add mine to the bottom of the video.

Add progress bar to videos

6. Add your logo

Finally, I moved everything up to make space to add a logo to the video. Adding a logo gives the video its final touch and makes the video appear a little more professional.

Add logo to videos

6. Download & Share

And there you go, download your video and share. You can always adapt the video to your own style by changing fonts and colours.

Download your Gary Vee Style Video

I hope this little tutorial gives you the tools to create your own Gary Vee style video so you can grow your own audience online. Don't forget to check out our other tutorials and don't hesitate to reach out with new requests.


How To Create Videos like Gary Vaynerchuk

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