The Bottle cap challenge is the next crazy viral challenge that is taking over social media by storm right now, just like the Harlem shake, Ice bucket challenge and many others did. It's a great idea and good fun to jump on this viral trend while its hot! Participating in these trends can generate a huge increase in video views and followers as so many people want to be part of the trend. Here is a quick tutorial how to make your and edit own bottle cap challenge video.

What you need do the bottle cap challenge

  1. A bottle (we recommend plastic, no one likes clearing up broken glass)
  2. A good karate kick
  3. Patience
  4. Camera to record it

Step 1 - Set up your bottle

Set up your bottle on a stable surface or ask a friend to hold it. It will be much easier to practice again and again if the height of the bottle doesn't change. Once your bottle is set up, loosen the lid so there is only half a twist left.

Bottle for bottle cap challenge

Step 2 - Set up your camera

Use a tripod or set up a little rig to to hold your camera. Alternatively get a friend to help you out by recording the video for you. There is a good change you will end up with a lot of failed attempts. But don't worry, this is what makes your winning shot so much better. Pro tip! Don't kick your camera, or this will happen...

Step 3 - Get Kicking

Now you are all setup, it's time to take the challenge head on, or shall we say... foot on. *Khem* Anyway... Face the bottle head on, you need to be far enough away from the bottle that so you don't knock the bottle over, but also close enough that you get in contact with the bottle lid. The exact distance is the length of your inner leg. But remember this is just as much of an art than a science! Now spin 360 degrees around following your lead kicking foot. The sole of your shoe / foot need to come in contact with the bottle lid just enough to spin the top of the top of the bottle.

Bottle cap challenge super spin

Step 4 - Keep it cool, keep it cool

Once bottle top has spun off, you pretty much are an absolute legend and automatically will be contacted and admitted to Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry in the next academic year.

Step 5 - Edit and post video

But before we get too excited, let's crop, trim and add a slow motion effect to your video. You can do this with our online video editor VEED right now for free online. Now we have the perfect edit, let's post it on social media with the hashtag #bottleCapChallenge and #MadeWithVeed to get a like from us.

Edit Bottle Cap Challenge Video

And thats it, for more tutorials and help on building your audience online subscribe to our mailing list! Thanks, Sabba.