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Funny Marketing Video Maker

Make funny marketing videos, online

Have you ever seen an Ad or marketing video that made you laugh? Do you want to make your own funny marketing video that gets people talking and sharing online? Well, with VEED, you can! It’s so easy to use, you’ll be getting laughs and likes, in no time at all

Funny Marketing Video Maker
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Funny Marketing Videos

With VEED, you can create funny marketing videos with a few clicks. It’s all online, no software needed, so you can get started right away

Get Creative

You can add text, sound effects, music, speed up video, slow-mo, freeze-frame, and more!

Reaction Videos

With our screen-recording tool you can make not only funny videos, but record your reaction to them at the same time

Boost Viewers and Likes

You can resize your funny marketing video to fit any social media platform - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more, at the touch of a button


You can make funny fail marketing videos that don’t fail to convert viewers into buyers. Include links to your product pages, and generate sales


Just because it’s a funny video, doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. With VEED’s easy-to-use range of tools, your video will look great, while still getting laughs

How to make a funny marketing video:

Make your own funny marketing video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Uploading video to VEED is easy. Drag and drop. VEED’s all online, so there’s never any software to download

2. Let the fun begin

Now comes the fun part - using VEED’s simple tools to create a video that gets people guffawing

3. Share

Hit ‘Download’, and you’re done. Now you can share your funny marketing video online

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Why use our funny marketing video creator?

Laughter is the best medicine - and it’s also pretty great for marketing

Go viral

Let your followers do the marketing for you - create a funny video that they want to share with their friends

Get recognised

You can use stickers to include your brand’s logo - so your branding gets recognised wherever your funny video is viewed


Ultimately, we want to help you grow business. Funny marketing videos are a great way of driving sales, and the bottom line

More than a funny marketing video maker

At VEED, we’re not joking around when it comes to video. We’ve developed a powerful online tool that puts you in control of your video. You can make intro & outro videos, YouTube channel trailers, video montages. Whatever you need, you can do it, at VEED

Funny Marketing Video Maker

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