Introducing AI Avatars: Supercharge Your Videos With 50+ AI Avatars

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to use Instagram’s four video formats, find the best Instagram video editing program for beginners, and even figure out why your Instagram Stories look blurry. We’re going to make you a professional in no time!

Introducing AI Avatars: Supercharge Your Videos With 50+ AI Avatars
VEED AI Avatars - Generate pro-level AI videos using text | Product Hunt

Have you ever wanted to make a video for your business and come up short because nobody on your team is comfortable on camera or you don’t have the budget for an expensive shoot?

For camera-shy and lean teams, VEED has created AI Avatars; seamless, lip-syncing virtual spokespeople for your business that can be generated in seconds.

What are AI Avatars?

You can now select a digital spokesperson for your brand in just a few clicks.

With 50 diverse Premium Stock Avatars and 75+ languages and dialects to choose from, you can easily create localized, multilingual videos.

Here are a few examples of how Avatars can help you win:

  • Create Professional-Looking Videos Within Budget: Say goodbye to expensive third-party companies. AI Avatars give you the ability to create high-standard video content quickly, saving you money.  
  • Create Content at Scale, Faster: Generating an AI Avatar takes seconds, meaning more hours on the clock and limitless amounts of AI video content.
  • No Need to Get in Front of a Camera Yourself: Instead of memorizing lines and practicing your script in front of a mirror, let one of 50+ AI Premium Avatars do the work for you. 
  • Create Localized Content That Looks Better & Natural: AI Avatars present like pros in over 75+ languages and dialects, with seamless lip-syncing, so you can avoid any nasty over-dubbed content.
  • Build a Virtual Face for Your Brand: With more than 75 languages to choose from, AI Avatars are the ideal way to create on-brand content for global audiences while on a budget.
  • Do Everything in One Tool: VEED is a one-stop shop where people can record, edit, collaborate, host, and share videos. It's an intuitive, in-browser platform that allows you to access all of your resources quickly and easily. 

What Types of Videos Can I Create Using AI Avatars?

If you’re looking to create videos without microphones, actors, or cameras, this tool is for you. AI Avatars are perfect for:

  • Learning and Development Videos: Increase engagement and key information retention of your company’s training documents with video. Help educate your employees on best practices, explain concepts, walk through processes, and share important information with your team. 
  • Sales Videos: Ideal for product demos and overviews, AI Avatars allow you to generate consistent, authentic faces to help you advertise your brand. You can even translate your script into different languages to support a more global sales team. 
  • Marketing Videos: From product launches to explainer videos, sometimes it can be tough to find the resources to train the perfect presenter. Fortunately, you can now generate one with a click. 
  • Internal Communications: Nobody likes boring, text-based internal comms that are hard to engage with. Let an AI Avatar video break the monotony and help capture your colleagues' attention. 
  • Onboarding Videos: Using real people in onboarding videos to welcome new hires and explain big-picture topics is key. However, Avatars come in handy for more functional parts of onboarding. Use them to introduce your company’s tools, the policies, and other day-to-day stuff, for example.

How to Use VEED’s AI Avatars

1. Sign up or log in for VEED.IO. As of now, VEED’s AI Avatars are available with Business and Enterprise accounts.

2. Create a new project and start with a blank canvas.

3. Head over to Elements, scroll to AI Avatars, and click on View All.

4. Select your preferred AI avatar from the list.

5. Select the language you want your AI to speak in.

6. Type in the text you want your AI avatar to speak. Play the preview to hear what it sounds like.

7. Once everything sounds perfect, click on Add to Project.

8. Continue editing your video on VEED. Here are a few key features that will improve the speed of your video editing workflow and help you scale your content creation process:

  • Automatically create and add subtitles
  • Use a library of stylized, custom templates
  • Create brand kits for your teams and ensure visual consistency in your content
  • Translate copy to 100+ languages with a click 
  • Make use of private team and project spaces
  • Share projects with your team members and collaborate online
    And more!

9. Click on Done, select a preferred quality level that’s suited for the channels where you’d like to share your video, and click on Export Video.

10. Download and share your video.

Put a Virtual Face on the Screen Today!

Everybody should be able to make videos, and AI supports our mission to democratize video creation. That’s why more and more of VEED’s tools are AI-powered. Alongside the other one-click AI tools in the VEED AI suite, AI Avatars will transform the way you create video content. Make videos faster, free up time for creativity, and optimize content for global audiences in (quite literally) seconds.

There’s no need to overcome your camera shyness or hire expensive actors. Use AI Avatars and focus on creating professional video content at scale!

VEED AI Avatars - Generate pro-level AI videos using text | Product Hunt
Introducing AI Avatars: Supercharge Your Videos With 50+ AI Avatars


One-click video editing, online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to replace content creators with AI?


The short answer: no. The less time you have to spend on the routine parts of production, the most time you have to focus on your storytelling and craft. For content that you need a lot of, quickly, and videos you need to frequently update, avatars can bring a huge amount of value. AI Avatars level the playing field for organizations without big production budgets or those who don’t want to be on camera.

What measures do you have in place to make sure the technology isn’t abused?

You can trust that we are keeping a close eye on AI developments. VEED is taking steps to prevent our technology from being abused, with checkpoints in place to help discourage and protect against the misuse of verification, including: User verification Billing information requirements Gating of features so only registered VEED users can access them  Usage policies And more.

How do you select AI partners to work with?


We believe in partnering with solution providers that meet our high standards of quality and ethics — resulting in an amazing experience for you. Factors we consider when selecting partners include the quality of their solutions, the ease with which we can work with them, their policies around data privacy, and whether or not they follow the same ethical guidelines that we do.

How do AI avatars fit within my video creation workflow?


AI is a powerful tool that supports our mission to democratize video creation. Creators can now make videos faster, freeing up time for creativity. Avatars help anyone create engaging content, without the need to hire professional actors or learn on-camera presentation skills.


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