Heard of the 80/20 rule? If you spend 6 hours on content creation every week, 24 hours should be spent on promoting it i.e. 20% of your time in content creation and 80% on repurposing and promoting it.

But, if you are creating every piece of content from scratch you would have no time left to promote it and drive traffic to your content. Rethink your content marketing  strategy and make content repurposing a part of it. A blog is a great place to start. It’s a long form piece of content which can be broken down into multiple pieces of content.

Here are 9 ways you can go about it.

1. Convert a Blog Post into Video

Create one video from the blog or split it into sections to create a video series. Content for every platform: long videos for Youtube and short videos for IGTV, LinkedIn and TikTok. Videos are more interactive than blogs and adding elements such as subtitles, progress bars, etc will make your content stand out. You can keep the video editing portion simple by using our tool, VEED.

2. Craft Social Media Posts

Turn the blog post into social media posts such as Instagram Carousels, LinkedIn posts etc. If you think about it, a blog post is made up of multiple smaller pieces of content. You can create multiple posts from just one blog post. Instagram carousels and LinkedIn slideshows are a creative way to share your blog post! This way it’s much easier for people to get all the information without having to read long form content.

For example, we created a blog post about Repurposing Video Content (Gary Vee’s Model) and we repurposed it as an Instagram Carousel Post.

3. Transform Data into Pinterest Infographics

Pinterest infographic with stats on why you should add subtitles to video

Grasp attention using creative Infographics. Create an infographic for Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Tools like Canva come in super handy to easily design them from a template. Infographics take up more screen space on Pinterest which increases your chances of getting noticed. These can be shared on other platforms such as LinkedIn articles or Instagram stories

4. Create Instagram Stories Tutorials

The rawest and quickest way to repurpose content is creating Instagram stories. Create a video series of the blog post or simply create graphics to showcase the blog content and drive traffic to it.

5. Repurpose as LinkedIn Articles

The blog post, infographics, videos can all be compiled into a detailed LinkedIn article. LinkedIn Engagement has increased 50%, year over year which means more eyeballs on your content.

6. Turn a Blog into a Podcast Episode

If a blog performed well, you could consider repurposing the topic as a podcast episode. You could then use the blog as an outline for areas to touch on during your episode. You can also convert that podcast into a video for social media, here are the exact steps.

7. Create a Lead Magnet

Your top-performing blogs are an indicator of what kind of content resonates the most with your target audience. Analyze your best performing blogs. You can create a lead magnet like  ebooks inspired from the blog post. This would also help you build your email list to aid your content marketing efforts.

For example, you can even create a webinar based on the blog topics that your audience is responding to. Creating a webinar can make your brand more human; they get to see and hear you talk. This personalized element helps your message become even more effective.

8. Share it as an Email Newsletter

You don’t want your email subscribers to miss out on the epic content you are creating. Give them a glimpse of what the blog is about. Neil Patel does it perfectly in his emails.

You can even write a shorter version of the blog post as an email without them having to visit the blog.

9. Repurpose the Blog into Subtopics

Use top performing topics to create a brand new blog post which covers each original topic in more detail. Whether you're posting a blog or a simple social media post, the performance of the content can give insight as to what else you should cover. For example, we made a post about a simplified version of Gary Vaynerchucks content model. The post became one of our top performers and inspired this blog. The same can be done with top performing blogs. One topic can give birth to subtopic ideas you should explore. If a blog on getting started with podcasting does well you might write about subtopics such as the best mics or hosting platforms.

Creating content doesn’t have to be tough. Keep it simple.

The best thing you can do after reading this is to review your current approach to content. Ask yourself what’s working and what’s not. You also want to then identify areas from this blog that can help you make your content creation workflow more efficient. We also wrote about 10 Ways to Repurpose Video Content last week to help you with even more ideas.  Don’t forget to bookmark this page and keep this article handy!

And of course, if you to edit some of the video content you’ve repurposed, try out VEED to create memorable videos with subtitles, progress bars, music and so much more.