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Annotate Video

Annotate Video

Add annotations to any video online with our simple online video editor. You can draw, add text, add images, arrows and much more. Perfect for making training videos, walking through videos, tutorials and much more. Our simple online video editor gives you the tools you need to create great content online fast.

Annotate Video
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Annotation tools

Add arrow, draw, image, text, subtitles and more. All the basic tools you need to animate your video online.

Works Everywhere

No need to install any software, annotate your video directly from your browser by simply uploading your video. Work on PC & Mac.

Auto Subtitle

Improve your annotations with automatic subtitle generation in any language.

Timed Drawing

Add timed drawing layers, making it simple to draw on only a certain parts of your videos.


Make your product videos more accessible by adding annotations, makeup and even translations.

Live Chat

We know video editing and annotating videos can be hard. Therefore if you have any problems you can get it on the chat widget at any time.

How to annotate your video

Annotate your video in 3 steps.

1. Upload Video

Upload the video you wish to annotate, all major video formats are supported.

2. Annotate Video

Now use the features in the editor to make the changes you need.

3. Download video

Finally click the download button to burn the annotations into the video.

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Why Annotate videos

Simple and fast video markup

Product walkthrough

Create quick product walkthrough videos online


Make it easy for your views to understand what is going on in a video by adding video annotations


Highlight parts of a video with our draw tool or add a nice big arrow to make the point clear.

More Than Annotations

VEED is a great tool for making annotations to a video, however we are much more than that.

VEED is designed to be a simple online video editing platform for all your needs. Want to make videos for social media, edit webinars or maybe make a podcast video?

Collaborate with your team and create better content faster with our simple online video editing platform and get more work done.

Annotate Video
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Annotate Video Editing Suite

Try out our full video editing suite

Add Subtitles to Video

VEED is the best online tool for adding subtitles to your video

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Generate Subtitles Automatically

Use our automagical subtitle generator to subtitle your videos with no effort

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Trim your video online

Use our simple trim tool to easily remove parts of your video

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