Increase Your Team’s Performance and Productivity with VEED’s Collaboration Features

From video hosting to brand kits for consistently on-brand videos, VEED has a host of features that make project collaboration easy. Learn how they can enhance your team’s performance.

Increase Your Team’s Performance and Productivity with VEED’s Collaboration Features

It can be difficult to collaborate on video projects whilst keeping communication streamlined, especially if your team works remotely. VEED’s collaborative features help ease any communication woes, whether you’re dispersed across the globe or all in one place. 

From video hosting to brand kits, our tools are easy to use, with an intuitive interface, so every member of your team can have a go at making high-quality videos, and share feedback while they’re at it.

Consider all of your future team video projects a success! Let’s take a look at which of these handy collaboration features will help you get there — jump to a specific one:

[#TOC1]Video Hosting[#TOC1]

VEED allows you to conveniently upload and host your video projects online.

To upload and host your videos, simply follow these steps:

  • Sign up or log in to your VEED account.
  • On your VEED workspace, click on Create Project.
  • Upload your video from your device or through Dropbox. Alternatively, you can also proceed to create a video from scratch on VEED. (Check out our screen recording features and templates!)
  • Edit your video.
  • Click on Done at the top right corner, select your preferred quality, and click on Export Video. Your video will now begin to render.

You can later access your uploaded videos on your workspace. With the Free plan, you’re able to upload up to 250MBs of files (and 50MBs per file). On VEED’s paid plans, there’s no limit to how many files you can upload.

[#TOC2]Link Sharing[#TOC2]

With VEED, you can upload and host your videos online, and conveniently share them with your co-workers through links. That way, your team members don’t have to download any large files and can simply watch the videos hosted on our platform. 

Link sharing is especially ideal for sharing meeting videos for people to watch back if they’re in a different time zone, as well as asking for feedback or onboarding new staff. 

To share your video, you can do the following:

  • Once you’ve finished editing on VEED, click Done.
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the correct quality for your video in the Export Your Video pop-up.
  • Click Export Video.
  • Click on the Copy Link button to copy the sharable video URL, and share!
Tip: You can give whoever needs access to your video a link via their email addresses, or even share the videos directly on your social channels.

[#TOC3]Comments and Feedback[#TOC3]

Whether it’s a video project your team is collaborating on or an internal comms video that prompts some questions, colleagues and clients can leave timestamped messages anywhere on your project — no more deep searches through your inbox, pointless meetings, or long-winded feedback sessions. 

To leave a comment on a VEED-hosted video, simply open the shareable link on your browser. Then, click on the comment icon, which you'll find in the toolbar to the right. This will pop up the comment section, where you can view feedback from other team members and also chime in with your own thoughts.

COMING SOON: Editing Collaboration. You'll soon also be able to review and collaborate with your teams at the editing stage with VEED. You'll no longer need to render WIP projects to get them reviewed by your team members and other stakeholders.

[#TOC4]Brand Kits[#TOC4]

Keeping your videos on brand will give your audience a sense of reliability; you’ll gain recognition and trust as they’ll know what to expect visually from your brand. 

VEED’s tools allow colleagues and freelancers to grasp the tone of your brand’s visual identity quickly, ensuring your videos are all consistent and of the highest quality. With the Brand Kit, you can store your branded logos, fonts, colors, and media in one place.

If you share a workspace, all of your team can access your assets. Upload them quickly and store them in clearly labeled sections, so colleagues can grab and go, without the added hassle of asking around the team.

This is how to create your own Brand Kit: 

  • Click on Brand Kit on your VEED workspace.
  • Click Add Image. Use this to add all logos, imagery, and watermarks.
  • Click Add Video. Use this to add animations or branded video content.
  • Select Add Audio and upload jingles, custom music, and sound effects
  • Head to Colors Palette and click Add New Color. Add your HEX and RGB HSL colors, copy and paste your color codes and click Add Color
  • Click Add Font and upload your branded fonts. You’re all set!

Increase Productivity, Collaborate, and Produce Consistent Videos

It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when it’s time to work as a team. With VEED’s collaborative features you can make the process simple and, as a result, your videos consistently on-brand.

With all the features you need in one tool, there’s no need to waste time scrambling from tool to tool, or from one long thread of feedback emails to another. It’s time to work harmoniously! 

Ready to enable everyone on your team to make great videos together?

Increase Your Team’s Performance and Productivity with VEED’s Collaboration Features


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