Data sub-processors

VEED uses subcontractors to provide infrastructure and services to support our apps. As such certain information is processed by the subcontractors. In order to meet our data security and privacy policy standards we require all subcontractors to meet the same or similar standards where possible. By using our apps you agree to the use of subcontractors and their sub-processing of data. The subcontractors/sub-processors which the data importer uses from time to time are listed here. This list will be updated from time to time as the needs of the business change but we will always endeavour to maintain the same or higher security and privacy standards.

We are also regulated by various governmental and tax bodies and will engage external advisors (eg: consulting, legal, banking, insurers etc) from time to time. By default, we will not share your data with them but it may be required by law or necessary to enable them to perform their work. In these instances we will keep the information shared to a minimum and anonymise it where possible. 

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