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LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! You can now make your own Hollywood-style movie trailer to tell your brand’s story, promote your products, or just have fun. With VEED’s  easy-to-use, and professional-looking movie trailer maker, you can create titles, use filters, fade-in, fade-out, add atmospheric music, and create links to your products and pages that will keep your audience engaged, entertained and hungry for more!

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Free movie trailer maker

You can use our movie trailer maker, completely free, within your browser and without the need to download any software

Tell your story

Tell the story of your brand in an entertaining and compelling way, using the same style of trailer made famous by Tinseltown

Promote your products

Make a fun trailer that shows your audience exactly how your products and services can work for them. They can be the hero of this story!

Entertain your audience

With a short movie trailer you can provide your audience with all the information they need, in a format they recognise, while staying true to your brand’s style

Broaden your reach

You can quickly and easily crop your video trailer for all Social Media platforms, including YouTube, so your trailer won’t be missed by anyone!

End credits

Using VEED’s end credit maker, you can even have Hollywood-style credits roll at the end of your trailer. Just search ‘end credits’ above, for more info

How to make a movie trailer:

Make your own movie trailer in 3 easy steps

1. Choose a template, or design your own

Our movie trailer templates make it easy for you to create stunning movie trailers in a matter of minutes. Just drop your clips into the storyboard and watch your trailer come to life!

2. Edit your trailer

You can use the full range of VEED’s tools, to add titles, use filters, include a soundtrack, add sound effects, and much, much more! You can even add end credits! Make your trailer an all-singing, all-dancing intro to your brand, and capture your audience’s attention

3. Download & share your trailer

As soon as you’re finished, hit ‘Download’ and your trailer will render in seconds. That’s it. Now you’ve downloaded your shiny-new movie trailer, you can share it with friends, promote your brand, and provide your audience with something to talk about

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Why make a video trailer?

Create stunning-looking trailers

Introduce your brand

A movie trailer is a fun, creative way to help people understand your brand and what it’s about. Tell a story in a visually exciting way that grabs their attention

Create a buzz

Movie trailers get people talking. They can be action-packed, full of drama and intrigue, or downright hilarious! Get people sharing your material by giving them something creative and entertaining to engage with

Widen your audience

More than anything else, a trailer is an effective way of reaching a wider audience. With a short video that captures attention, you can attract more followers and expand your influence

More than a movie trailer maker

VEED is a powerful online set of video editing tools that will allow you to transform your videos. You can crop, rotate, add subtitles, and much, much more, to create professional-looking videos and clips in seconds. Without the need for any bulky software, you can start using VEED immediately, straight from your browser. Try us. We’re free

Trailer Maker

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