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Are you looking to create videos that explain, present, and advertise your startup? Maybe you want to show newcomers what it’s all about. Maybe you want to present the financial nuts & bolts to potential investors. Or maybe you want an Ad that shows how your product or service can improve people’s lives. Well, VEED is the place for you. We’ve got it all. Try us out!

Startup Video Maker
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With VEED, you can create stunning videos for your startup, whatever the intent. No account, and no software required. Get started now


You can create great explainer videos, using VEED, to help customers, colleagues, and everyone, understand your purpose, values and story


You can also create professional video presentations, to show the business angle of your startup. VEED has the tools you need


If you want to advertise your startup, to increase your following, and grow business, you can include text, links, and more. Add a “call to action” to your video


You can add a logo intro to all your videos, or add your logo as a sticker, so it’s always visible. Deepen brand recognition with all your online video content


VEED is a super-powerful video editor designed with you in mind. No more calls to video teams, or expensive software licensing fees. VEED is simple, online, and has all the tools you need to make professional video

How to make a startup video:

Make your own startup video in 3 easy steps

1. Add

Add your videos to VEED - it’s all online, and works right in your browser. Easy, right?

2. Edit

You can edit your photos, images, video, audio, music, sound effects, and more. It’s never been easier, with VEED. You can even auto-generate subtitles. Cool, huh?

3. Share 

That’s it. Done. Hit ‘Download’, and your video will render in seconds from the cloud. With the click of a button you can resize to fit any social media platform

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Why use our startup video creator?

Start spreading the news about your startup

Let the whole world know

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. With just a click, you can let the whole world know about your startup


With links to your website, product pages, Instagram, wherever - you can create a “call to action” to deepen viewer engagement

Clear, simple, concise

You want your startup video to be a shining example of clear, succinct expression. With VEED you can add text, images, your logo, subtitles, and even screen-record your startup video explanation

More than a startup video maker

We’re a startup ourselves! So we know how you feel. And there’s so much more we can help you with, than just your startup videos. Check out some of the links below for more info on how you can make intros & outros, event invitations, turn YouTube videos into GIFs, and more!

Startup Video Maker

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