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Do you want to create awesome, scroll-stopping Instagram Ads that get clicks and generate revenues? Do you want to expand your following, deepen engagement, and promote your products? Well, now you can, with VEED. Instagram is the fastest-growing platform for driving purchases with video content (, so now is the time

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With VEED, you can create Instagram Ads in a matter of minutes. Our easy-to-use tools are all online, so there’s no software to download


With our handy resize tool you can make your videos Insta-ready with a single click. Not only that, but resize to fit any social media platform. Make your videos multi-use, with VEED

Grow Business

Instagram is the hottest new platform for driving purchases. So now is the time to strike, with an Instagram Ad that generates not just views, but revenues


With VEED, you can include links in your videos. Direct followers to your website, a product page, or a YouTube channel. Wherever you sell your products or promote your services


You don’t just want your Instagram Ad to be functional. Make it beautiful too, with VEED. Add filters, text, annotations, speed up, slow down, screen record, and much more!


Most users watch Instagram videos without the sound. Add subtitles automatically to your video, with VEED. Make your Ad accessible to everyone, everywhere

How to make Instagram Ads:

Make your own Instagram Ad in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Upload photos, videos, music. Drag and drop, it couldn’t be easier. VEED is all online, so there’s no software to download

2. Edit

You can crop, trim, rotate, resize, add filters, and more. It’s so easy, you’ll have your Insta-Ad ready in a matter of minutes

3. Broadcast

That’s it. Hit ‘Download’, and you’re ready to start broadcasting your message to the world. Pretty simple, right?

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Why create Instagram Ads?

Make it simple, make it memorable


First and foremost, you’re making an Ad for your products and services. Instagram is the fastest-growing online space for video marketing and promotion


You can promote not just your products, but your brand. Use stickers with your logo to develop brand recognition


Grab people’s attention with an eye-catching Ad, then deepen engagement with links to your website, or channel. Give them a “call to action”

More than an Instagram Ad maker

So, you want to make Instagram Ads? Maybe you also want to make super-engaging Instagram Stories, YouTube channel intro videos, or product video montages. Maybe you would like to annotate your videos, to add sound effects and end credits. Take a look at our links below, and find out how deep the VEED rabbit hole goes

Instagram Ad Maker

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