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Create Stunning Instagram Reels for Marketing and Promotion

First, let’s learn what Instagram reels are. Instagram reels are a lot like TikTok’s. They are 15 seconds (max.) videos you can share to your stories, reels tab, or grid. You can edit multiple clips together, to create your 15s video. Although you can do things like add audio, change the video speed, and add effects, the options are limited. But with VEED, you can edit with freedom! You can add mesmerizing effects with VEED. Resize reels with the correct aspect ratio and simple editing perform 7% better than videos with no editing. You can also add some fun animations, text and images. Animated stickers can also help boost engagement. Finally, you can add subtitles to make the video more accessible.

How to Create an Instagram Reel:

Step 1

Add Video, Images or Start From Scratch

Upload your videos to VEED - it’s all online, no software required - then you can start editing them for Instagram Reels. You can also add images and transitions to create a smooth flowing IG reel. If you want to create from scratch, VEED has a lot of video templates to help you begin.

Step 2

Resize, Add Subtitles, Animations, Text and More

You can choose the video size (‘Instagram Stories’) so all your videos are automatically, and perfectly, resized to fit Instagram Reels. Then you can add animated text, add music, filters, subtitles, and much, much more!

Step 3

Share Stunning Videos on Instagram

That’s it. Hit ‘Download’ and you’re ready to share your Instagram Reels with the world. Share to your Stories, Grid, or the new Reels tab.

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A Walkthrough of Our Instagram Reels Maker:

Online Instagram Reels Maker to Boost Views

With VEED you can personalize your video however you want, and resize it to fit Instagram with one click, then add it to Reels. You can add multiple clips, but the video can only be 15 seconds long, total. Upload your clips to VEED and edit them easily, using the timeline. VEED does not limit you in terms of creativity or tools!

Get More Engagement with Text, Subtitles and Music

With VEED you can add text & subtitles. Simply drag the slider in the timeline to adjust how long your text appears for, or enter your desired start/stop times. Easy! Not everyone has access to all Music on Instagram. With VEED you can upload any music you like, plus add sound effects, multiple tracks, adjust volume, and more.

Share on Other Social Media Platforms

When you’ve got your Instagram Reel looking just right, you can resize it to fit TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Never miss a chance to share your content with VEED. Our Platform supports more video formats. Download as MP4 and share everywhere. You can even use premium features with a subscription. Checkout pricing plans for more.


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VEED has been game-changing. It's allowed us to create gorgeous content for social promotion and ad units with ease.

Max Alter
Director of Audience Development, NBCUniversal

I love using VEED. The subtitles are the most accurate I've seen on the market. It's helped take my content to the next level.

Laura Haleydt
Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

I used Loom to record, Rev for captions, Google for storing and Youtube to get a share link. I can now do this all in one spot with VEED.

Cedric Gustavo Ravache
Enterprise Account Executive, Cloud Software Group

VEED is my one-stop video editing shop! It's cut my editing time by around 60%, freeing me to focus on my online career coaching business.

Nadeem L
Entrepreneur and Owner,

When it comes to amazing videos, all you need is VEED

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More Than an Instagram Reels Maker

VEED features so much more than just Instagram Reels creation. It is a powerful video editor that lets you create, edit, and optimize videos for all social media platforms, whether that’s on Facebook, TikTok, or even YouTube. Easily create professional-looking videos in minutes. With VEED, it only takes a few clicks to create stunning videos that will get you more views, likes, and subscribers.

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