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Audio files with the M4A extension are mostly used for storing songs purchased from the iTunes Store. M4A files are widely accepted by Apple, Android and Windows devices. Most media players on all devices can play M4A files. This makes them a popular format for storing songs on mobile devices. Although M4A and MP4 files are similar, they are not the same. They both use the MPEG4 codec, but M4A files can only store audio content. What’s more, M4A files are compressed using the ‘AAC’ lossy, which gives them a smaller file size than MP4.


AAC files are used for storing audio and music data in a higher quality. Due to improvements made to the AAC file, it has one-off the best sound qualities amongst audio file formats. AAC is also the default format for Apple's iTunes and iTunes Store. You can open AAC files on iTunes, Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. Although AAC files can use the .aac extension, many AAC files are saved with the .m4a extension. This doesn't change the file type, but only the extension format. You can still open it as an AAC file, because AAC refers to the compression type. Its full name is 'Advanced Audio Coding' (AAC).

How to Convert M4A to AAC:


Select a file format

Click on the first box and select M4A as the file format then click on the box next to it and select AAC.


Upload and convert

Click on ‘Choose File’ and select your M4A file from your folders. You can also drag and drop the file into the box. Click on ‘Convert File’.


Download file

Click on the Download button and your AAC will be saved to your device in a matter of seconds.

How to Convert M4A to AAC:

‘Convert M4A to AAC’ Tutorial

‘Convert M4A to AAC’ Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select WAV as input format 2. Choose AAC from the list of destination formats 3. Upload & Convert
M4A is a container format, whilst AAC is an encoding format. What this means is that M4A acts like the file’s container or extension. AAC, on the other hand, is the algorithm that encodes and compresses the data in the file. But that doesn’t mean they have to be separate files. An AAC file can still use the M4A extension, and most AAC files already do. They are simply two different components in a file.
The truth is, they can’t be compared. AAC is a great encoding format with superior sound quality. But M4A is only an extension format, so its quality will depend on which encoding format it uses. Not all M4A files are encoded with AAC, many may use ALAC or other formats for encoding. So the quality of an M4A file will depend on which encoding format it is paired with.
Yes, AAC files tend to have high quality sound. This is because they compress the audio by removing sounds that are not auditable to the human ear, making them sound cleaner than other formats.

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