Rotating AVI Videos

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to rotate a video, try VEED. It is a free online editing tool that lets you turn a video clockwise, counterclockwise, upside down, from landscape to portrait, and vice versa. Just upload, drag to rotate, and save. 

VEED works with .AVI video files as well as the other file formats, including MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV, and GIF. It’s free and the edits can be done completely online on your phone or computer browser. No need to install a new video editing software.

How to Flip a Video

How to Flip a Video
  1. Select video

    Find the AVI file you wish to rotate and upload it.

  2. Drag to rotate

    When the file upload is ready, an image of the video will appear. Click on the image to display the rotation icon. Drag the icon to rotate until the video looks perfect. You can also set the exact angle of rotation by typing the number on the ‘Adjust’ tab.

  3. Download the rotated video

    When you are satisfied with the changes, click ‘Export’ to save your video.

Select video

‘How to Rotate a Video on Computer’ Tutorial

Video upside down? Fix it with a few clicks!

It’s quick and easy to correct the orientation of a video that came out sideways or upside down. Just upload it to VEED, set the angle of rotation (e.g. 90 to turn right, -90 to turn left, 180 to turn upside down), then save the video.

Rotate videos on Windows

VEED’s free online video editing tool is completely online and will work on the internet browser of your computer or smartphone. You don’t need to install a new software like VLC or Filmora.

Try video effects on your project

Rotate your video until it looks perfect, then explore the other features available on the VEED editing tool. It’s quick and easy to add texts and graphics, apply filters and effects, add and adjust audio, and even auto-generate subtitles.

Online editor works with various video formats

VEED works with file formats AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV, and GIF. So no matter how and where you filmed your video, you can use VEED’s free online tool to customize it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rotate an .AVI video 90 degrees?


Follow the following steps:

1. Upload your .AVI file to VEED.

2. Tap on the image that appears.

3. Go to the ‘Adjust’ tab. Under Rotation, type your desired angle of rotation. Typing 90 rotates 90 degrees to the right; -90 rotates 90 degrees to the left.

4. Click ‘Export’ to save the file.

Why does my phone screen not rotate?


If you are holding your phone horizontally and the screen does not automatically adjust its orientation, check your Settings if your auto-rotate is turned on. If it’s on but isn’t working, try turning it off and on again. 

Is it better to film in landscape or portrait mode?


You should decide on your filming mode based on your target audience and where they will be watching your video. YouTube and Facebook videos are better in landscape mode, while Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Tiktok posts are best shot in portrait mode.

How do I change the orientation of a video on Android?


Follow these steps:

1. Open your favorite internet browser on your Android and go to

2. Upload the video you wish to edit.

3. Tap on the image and drag the rotate button until you achieve your desired orientation. 

4. Save your video.


Quotation Mark - What they say about VEED

What they say
about VEED

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen.

Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

Chris Y.

I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market.

It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level

Laura Haleydt - Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

The Best & Most Easy to Use Simple Video Editing Software!

I had tried tons of other online editors on the market and been disappointed. With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there.

It has everything I need in one place such as the progress bar for my 1-minute clips, auto transcriptions for all my video content, and custom fonts for consistency in my visual branding.

Diana B - Social Media Strategist, Self Employed

Video Editing Features

More than just an online Video Trimmer
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