Why Adding Subtitles to Your Video is a Must in 2023

37% of people say subtitles make a video more interesting. LinkedIn video is 5X more likely to start a conversation. Dig in for video subtitle facts you can’t ignore.

Diana Briceño
Why Adding Subtitles to Your Video is a Must in 2023

Want to make your social media content 10 times more effective? We’ve all heard at some point video is king. It’s easy to shrug off as not “your thing”. But it’s the little things, like adding subtitles to your video, that make it work. Maybe subtitles seem like a tiny, easy-to-ignore detail. So today we’re sharing interesting statistics about adding subtitles to your video content to help you reframe your approach to video.

37% of people say they'll turn the sound on because the subtitles make the video more interesting

Within the first 30 seconds or less, people decide if they will watch or not. Adding subtitles to your video helps give people the big picture more effectively so they can make a quick decision.

More video statistics you should know

  • 83% of people watch video with the sound off on any device
  • 92% of people watch with the sound off on mobile devices
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to watch a full video if It has subtitles

Think of all the times you’ve been scrolling through social feeds or tapping through Instagram stories. You’ve probably scrolled or tapped right past content that failed to provide subtitle text because it meant you’d have to stop and listen to figure it out. Adding subtitles makes for a more pleasant user-friendly experience.

Video content is 5 times more likely to get comments on LinkedIn

You probably wouldn't be surprised to know YouTube and Facebook are some of the top platforms for video content. But, for the first time, LinkedIn has proven to be an effective platform to share video on.

When comparing video posts specifically to text-only posts, video gets three times the engagement on LinkedIn. Overall, video on LinkedIn is 5 times more likely to start a conversation amongst LinkedIn users and adding subtitles to your video can only boost your chances to meet or exceed these performance statistics. This platform is especially important for B2B businesses.

Quick tips for LinkedIn video

  • Keep brand awareness videos under 30 seconds
  • For videos created with the intention of selling, keep them to a 30 to 90-second length
  • If you're making a brand story video, opt for a longer video in order to tell a more powerful video capturing the details of your story
  • Try not to record more than 10 minutes which is also the cut-off point for LinkedIn video.

TikTok has 800M Monthly Active users

If you listen to Gary Vee's videos, he mentions its massive untapped potential. According to AdAge, in a leaked advertising pitch deck from October 2019, TikTok reports having 800 million monthly active users worldwide and brands are now starting to heavily invest in this platform. The average TikTok user spends an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform and opens the app 8 times per day. The opportunities to grab attention from more people on this new popular platform are plentiful!

Quick tips for TikTok video

  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Add text over the video to work like subtitles
  • Don’t over edit the video. The more natural it looks like it was shot within the app, the better.

Although there aren’t yet enough statistics on TikTok subtitles, many top accounts add text on their videos. This is the equivalent of adding subtitles on TikTok which is really easy to do since you can set the duration of each text block.

People have a higher tendency to skip parts of audio and written content. Video is the way to go to grab attention. In fact, Hubspot reported  54% of people want to see more video content from people and brands they support. It’s safe to say video isn’t going anywhere but up and it’s a must if you want to continue to stay relevant as a brand.

Ready to add subtitles to your video? Here’s an article to help you learn how to do it with VEED’s simple but powerful online video editor or just sign up here if you’re ready to go all in on video this year!

Why Adding Subtitles to Your Video is a Must in 2023

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