VEED VS Premiere Pro: Which Video Tool is Best for Your Business?

Let’s see how VEED stacks up against Premiere Pro for businesses looking to double down on videos.

Komal Ahuja
VEED VS Premiere Pro: Which Video Tool is Best for Your Business?

Making a video doesn’t have to mean constantly juggling at least five different tools to shoot and edit the content, add subtitles, get feedback, and upload the final draft online. 

Normally, a complicated video editing software like Premiere Pro takes up a huge space in your system only to glitch and crash when you're ready to download an edited file. 

If you’re spending too much time and money on a huge tool stack—with complex apps like Premiere Pro—to create videos for your business, we have just the solution for you. 

VEED’s cloud-based suite of tools is designed to simplify your team’s video production process from start to finish, minus the tool fatigue and back-breaking struggle to learn the software. 

Let’s see how VEED stacks up against Premiere Pro for businesses looking to double down on videos.

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[#TOC1]VEED vs. Premiere Pro: What’s the Difference?[#TOC1]

Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful video editing software on the market today. It's an industry-leading video editor with advanced features like auto color matching, multicam sequence editing, visual effects, stock footage library, audio editing, and more. 

But for all its nuances, Premiere Pro still puts you at a disadvantage. It's built for more complex editing needs, like Hollywood movies and filmmaking projects. 

On the flip side, VEED makes it easy for anyone to create and fine-tune professional videos in a sleek and intuitive interface. 

Here’s what makes VEED a strong Premiere Pro alternative for teams:

Cloud-based editing
Save all drafts on your account automatically to make collaboration faster and easier.
Screen & webcam recording
Whether you're creating a sales outreach video, making an async update video, or recording a video presentation, it's easy to record your screen, webcam, and/or voice.
Live streaming (and multi-streaming)
Live stream your content with VEED and repurpose it into smaller clips directly on VEED.
Built-in collaboration tools
Add teammates to collaborate on your content, gather feedback on your video through comments, and easily access everything in your cloud-storage workspace.
Auto-subtitles and translations
Transcribe and translate any video into 120+ languages—maximizing the reach of your content on social media and facilitating communication between global teams.
Auto-background noise removal
Clean up distracting background sounds with the click of a button.
Template library & DIY templates
VEED’s massive library of templates makes it easy to design scroll-stopping marketing videos instead of starting from a blank screen. You can also create your own templates tailored to your brand and preferred formats.

VEED takes the lead over Premiere Pro to give non-technical business professionals and teams the power to make videos like a pro even if it’s your first time.

[#TOC2]Frequently Asked Questions[#TOC2]

Can I add/remove enterprise users and swap the licenses? 
Yes, you can add and remove users within your enterprise account and swap the licenses for different users to onboard new employees. 

Can I pay annually via an invoice? 
Yes, you can pay annually for a VEED Enterprise account. Annual invoicing is available only for enterprise plans. 

Can I share my projects with multiple users? 
Yes, sharing with multiple users is easy. You can invite other users to a shared workspace and collaborate on a project. 

Can I control who views my videos? 
Yes, you can make your videos public (accessible to all) or keep them private (accessible to invite-only users).

Are my videos secure? 
Yes, we follow GDPR and CCPA regulations for data storage, account controls, and work processes. We also work with only top-tier infrastructure providers, such as Google Cloud. We protect all user data through regular security audits. Learn more about VEED’s security capabilities

Can I use our branding in our videos? 
Yes, you can use the Brand Kit feature to add your logos, colors, custom typeface, and other brand assets. This will be available to everyone in the team’s workspace. 

Can I increase subtitle and translation limits? 
Yes, you can ‘top-up’ your limits for a one-off fee if you have more subtitle and translation needs. 

Which languages can you translate to? 
VEED can translate information into over 120 languages. Read the complete list here

[#TOC3]How VEED will make your video workflow better[#TOC3]

The typical video production and sharing workflow includes a wide tech stack, with essentials like a screen/cam recorder, an editor, a subtitling platform, a sharing app, and a hosting solution. 

VEED  is designed for your other workflow tools to be deleted so you can do everything in one place. 

Here are the highlights on how VEED can make video production simpler and more effective for businesses of all sizes:

⚡️ Minimize overall costs
While traditional transcription services can cost up to $400 an hour for every language, translating with VEED costs as low as $2-10 per hour. There’s no need to outsource this or the rest of your production when using VEED.
⚡️ Improved outreach response rate
Candidate outreach using tools like our screen recorder gets 4X better response rates.
⚡️ Built for non-technical teams to work faster and better
VEED empowers businesses to do more with less effort and faster speeds using its intuitive design and AI-powered tools.
⚡️ Scale video production smoothly
Increasing your video production needs can be a big challenge when working with five different tools and other resources. Centralizing the entire video production process on VEED gives you more flexibility to scale your video needs effortlessly.
⚡️ Increase engagement and reach
Make your videos accessible to a global audience and maximize engagement with VEED's translation and subtitling functions. Its AI-powered model can translate videos in over 120 languages with 95% accuracy. You can also add (or download) subtitles in multiple languages with a single click.
⚡️ Store, share, and host videos
VEED lets you save all the drafts on the cloud and access them anywhere with simple account login. You can also export a video in multiple formats and embed it on any website.

Whether it’s marketing and sales or customer success and HR, VEED empowers all teams to tap into the power of video for smarter work. 

VEED VS Premiere Pro: Which Video Tool is Best for Your Business?

Komal Ahuja

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