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Say ‘Thanks’ Video Maker

Make a Thank You video, online

Do you want to send a short, personal Thank You note to a friend, family member, customer, colleague, or client? Do you want to create an awesome short video that communicates the gratitude you feel? With VEED, you can!

Say ‘Thanks’ Video Maker
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Thank You Video Ideas

Record a video of yourself writing the words ‘Thank You’ with your finger in the air. Then annotate it, drawing the words onto the video. Speed it up, slow it down, add some music, it’s all possible, with VEED

Funky Thank You Notes

You can make a Funky ‘Thank You’ video note, use our shapes tool to create a coloured background, then add photos one by one, until the screen is filled

Short Thank You Notes

VEED is so easy to use, you can whip up a short Thank You video in no time. You can add text, music, audio-recordings, brand logos, and more

No software required

VEED is all online, so there’s never any clunky software to download. Say goodbye to licensing fees, and video teams

Let them know you care

Show your viewers how much you care, with a ‘Thank You’ video. Include links for them to follow - to a website, offer, deal, or something else you think they'd like

Building relationships

You can create a short Thank You video that will help build relationships in the long run. A video can be an engaging and fun way to say - ‘Thanks’

How to make a Thank You video:

Make your own Thank You video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Upload your videos, photos, audio and music to VEED. It’s drag and drop, so it couldn’t be easier

2. Make it perfect 

You can crop, trim, add text, shapes, sound effects, even subtitles for your audio recordings. It’s all possible, with VEED

3. Say ‘Thanks’!

That’s it, hit the ‘Download’ button, and you’re ready to share your Thank You video with anyone you like

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Why use our Thank You video creator?

Merci. Gracias. Domo arigato. Danke schoen.

Easy to create

First of all, VEED was designed with you in mind. No more complicated menus, no more confusing details. Just clear, easy-to-use tools, designed especially for you

Easy to send

With a single click you can resize your Thank You video for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more

Easy to enjoy

You can create links in your video to deepen viewer engagement, add subtitles to make your video more accessible, and annotations to make it more fun!

More than a Thank You video maker

At VEED, we are very grateful to all our wonderful users, and the million different reasons they have to make videos. Whether it’s to send a video invitation out on Twitter, or to make a political campaign Ad, we want to say Thank You! And to let you know, that no matter what your video needs, VEED will always have your back

Say ‘Thanks’ Video Maker

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