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Have you seen a hilarious fail video, a funny compilation, videos of animals doing ridiculous things? And do you want to create great, super-funny video content for your YouTube channel, Instagram feed, TikTok, or Facebook page? Well, VEED is the place for you!

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Funny Video Editor

It’s never been easier to make funny videos, with VEED. You can use our online suite of editing tools, to make sure your funny videos stand out! All online, no software required


You can use VEED to add audio track, sound effects, and so much more, to make your funny video guaranteed to get laughs


Don’t forget you can also add stickers with your brand’s logo, or links to a YouTube channel or page. Personalise your video content, with the click of a button


With VEED, you can even draw on your videos. Make them even funnier with your own annotations

Reaction videos

With VEED’s screen-recording tool, you can create not only a funny video, but record your reaction to it, at the same time!


You can share your video on any social media platform - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, you name it. With our handy resizing tool, sharing has never been easier

How to use our free funny video maker:

Make your own funny video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Add your videos to VEED. Just drag and drop, in your browser. No downloading of Software necessary

2. Create

Here’s the fun part, and where you get creative. Add sound effects, annotations, subtitles, you can even translate those subtitles. Anything you need to make sure your video gets views, likes and laughs

3. Share

That’s it. Hit ‘Download’, and you are ready to share your funny video. Easy, right?

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Why use our funny video creator?

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the funny video


Whatever kind of funny video you want to make - whether it’s a 6 second vine, or a funny reaction video - VEED has got the range of editing options to make sure you can

Get more views 

With our super easy-to-use resizing tool you can add your video to any social media platform, with a single click. It’s never been easier to get more views and increase your following


Just because it’s a funny video doesn’t mean you should be compromising on quality of finish. With VEED it’s so easy to add filters, text, annotations, and so much more, to get your video looking great

More than a funny video maker

VEED is so much more than a funny video maker. You can make Ads, trailers, explainer videos, YouTube intros, Instagram Stories, whatever you need! Follow the links below to find out more info, and try out some of VEED's amazing tools. We love video, and with VEED, we hope you will too

 Funny Video Maker

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