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Make movie-style credits to roll at the end of your videos. Online and easy-to-use
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Credits Maker

Use our online end credits maker for free

Do you want to have Hollywood-style credits roll at the end of your social media videos? Do you want to give recognition to all the people who’ve worked on your video content? Then VEED’s end credits maker is right for you. Quickly and easily create credits that scroll at the end of your video, as if it were your very own Blockbuster

Credits Maker
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End credits maker

Add your own end credits to any video, with VEED’s end credits maker. Let the credits roll, to give your video that Hollywood-style final flourish

Opening credits

Not only can you make end credits, but you can add opening titles to your video too! Check out our handy Intro & Outro maker


With VEED you can use a whole range of templates, just drag and drop your videos, and away you go! You can start making movie-style credits in a matter of minutes


You can add end credits to any video, but with VEED’s trailer maker, there’s never been a better time. No software needed


Add music, sound effects, subtitles, and much more, to engage and entertain your audience. Blow them away with your movie-style video content


Whether you’re making an Ad, a trailer, a tutorial, or a personal video just for fun, you can add end credits as a way to include the whole team. Go on. Give it a try

How to use our movie credits maker:

Make movie credits in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Quickly upload your videos to VEED. No bulky software needed. Everything happens online, so it’s quick and easy for you

2. Add credits

Use our ready-made templates to add movie credits to your video, or get creative. In no time at all you can have intro credits, outro credits, or both! Try it, it’s a cinch

3. Finishing touches

VEED allows you to edit your videos exactly how you want them. Add filters, crop, rotate, and resize to suit any social media platform. When you’re done, click ‘Download’, and that’s it. Easy, right?

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Why make movie credits?

Give your videos a final flourish


Whether adding professional-looking credits to a tutorial or Ad, or having fun with a movie trailer, with VEED you can promote your brand’s individual sense of style

Teamwork, Dreamwork

It’s all about the team. And credits are a great way to make sure everyone is recognised. Collaborative effort, shared kudos


You can use credits to thank all the people who worked on your promo, who starred in your video Ad, or who inspired your latest idea. It’s quick, easy, and most of all, fun! Go on, give it a try

More than a credits maker

VEED does so much more than allow you to make great-looking movie credits. You can use the whole range of VEED’s editing tools online. Add subtitles, sound-effects, text, links, stickers, you can even draw on your videos. Whatever you need, you can use VEED! Get online now, and try us out. There’s a whole world of video editing waiting for you

Credits Maker

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