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OPUS is an audio format that was developed for streaming audio over the internet. OPUS files are commonly used for streaming voiceovers, WhatsApp and Skype recordings. Unfortunately, very few media players recognise the OPUS format. You will need to use external applications like VLC Media Player, because neither Windows or Mac is able to open it. Primarily, the OPUS format is designed to facilitate the streaming of audio over the internet. As a result, it isn't usually found as a "file" stored in your device's folders. Instead, you may find it encoded as its "container format" like Ogg. Since Ogg is its most common container format, they're often nicknamed as 'Ogg Opus' files. This doesn't affect the OPUS compression algorithm or streaming functions.


WAV files store audio content "without" any compression. This makes them much larger than other file types. Although WAV files can take lots of space to store, they also store audio in high quality. This makes them useful for heavy-use audio storage like professional music recording. WAV files are widely used and can be opened on Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC, and many more. (The only exception is Linux). WAV files may also appear as ‘WAVE’ in your folder. They are the same file type, just spelt differently. Developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM, the WAV format stores audio data, track numbers, sample rate and bit rate. Content is stored in segments of uncompressed "chunks".

How to Convert OPUS to WAV:


Select a file format

Click on the first box and select OPUS as the file format then click on the box next to it and select WAV


Upload and convert

Click on ‘Choose File’ and select your OPUS file from your folders. You can also drag and drop the file into the box. Click on ‘Convert File’.


Download file

Click on the Download button and your WAV will be saved to your device in a matter of seconds.

How to Convert OPUS to WAV:

‘Convert OPUS to WAV’ Tutorial

‘Convert OPUS to WAV’ Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select your OPUS and upload it to VEED 2. Choose WAV or your desired format from the dropdown 3. Upload & convert
OPUS files can be opened using VLC Media Player. They cannot be opened on the native media players of either Windows or Mac.
iPhones cannot play OPUS files using the iOS’s default media player. You have two options if you want to play OPUS files on your iPhone; download a special app that can play an OPUS file; or convert your OPUS file to WAV, AAC, MP3 or another widely compatible format.
WAV files usually have superior sound quality as they use a lossless compression. However, it isn’t easy to compare OPUS and WAV as they’re often used for different purposes.

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