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Wedding Invitation Video Maker

Make a wedding invitation video, free

Do you want to make a wedding invitation video for your friends and family, to get them excited about the Big Day? With VEED, it has never been easier. All online, no account required. You can create a wedding invitation video that says exactly what you want it to, exactly how you want it to

Wedding Invitation Video Maker
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Online wedding invitation video maker

With VEED you can make a wedding invitation video that captures imaginations. Check out our range of video editing options. All online

The Big Day

You want your invitation to be (almost!) as exciting as the Big Day itself. With VEED you can edit stunning looking videos, with filters, annotations, and more

Text and links

You can add text and links to your wedding invitation video, with ease. Link to your wedding-day website, or make sure people can see the date, with a text box


At VEED, we understand you want your wedding invitation video to be personal. You can make a professional-looking video, or be more playful. The options are endless

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A wedding invitation video is a wonderful, interactive way to spread the good news. Start making yours today


With VEED, you can add subtitles automatically, and even translate those subtitles. Make sure your wedding invitation video is accessible to all your guests

How to create a wedding invitation video:

Make your own wedding invitation video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Drag and drop your video files into our online editor. It’s so easy, anyone can do it

2. Edit

You can add text, a link to your wedding-day website, sound effects, music, and more. With VEED it’s never been easier to create a great wedding invitation video

3. Send

Click ‘Download’, and your video will be ready in seconds. Now you can send it to all your guests, sit back, and start planning the big day itself

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Why use our wedding invitation video creator?

Let the bells ring out!


If you’re looking to create a wedding invitation video that’s a cut above the rest, look no further. With VEED’s suite of editing tools, you can make your invitation video perfect


If you’re looking to be a bit more playful with your wedding invitation video, you can add stickers, sound effects, music, and more!


Whatever your style, or preference, with VEED the options are endless. Filters, crop, trim, rotate, add photos, and resize your video with the click of a button

More than a wedding invitation video maker

With VEED you can do so much more than make wedding invitation videos. You can make movie trailers, Ads, explainers. Whatever you need! With VEED’s powerful online editor, you can make amazing-looking videos in a matter of minutes

Wedding Invitation Video Maker

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