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Cut & Trim WMV Files online!

Do you have WMV files that are too long and need to be cut down?

VEED is a video editing software tool that allows you to trim, split, merge and join your WMV videos. It’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple for anyone to edit their videos. Cut out the unwanted parts of your video so only the best parts remain.

If you want to create awesome online videos for YouTube or Instagram then VEED can help! You don’t need expensive equipment or advanced technical skills - just use this free tool from our website today!

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Why choose VEED’s WMV Video Cutter?

  • Cut, trim, join, and edit video clips
  • Create a library of videos to use for your projects
  • Get the perfect video cut every time
  • Able to cut WMV files and all other video file formats
  • Trim videos, crop videos and more
  • Merge multiple videos together 
  • Start creating your own awesome video clips
  • Packed full of great features - like automatic subtitling and chroma key tool