Online MPG Cutter & Trimmer - Trim MPG video files, free!
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Cut & Trim MPG Files online!

VEED is the fastest, easiest, best way to cut MPG files.

Cut, trim, merge and join your MPG video files to create new video clips. Use footage to create awesome videos that you can share online over social media platforms - Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more!

We make it easy for anyone to edit their own videos with our simple drag-and-drop interface. No need for expensive software or complicated editing skills; just use VEED’s intuitive design features and tools.

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Why choose VEED’s MPG Video Cutter?

  • Cut out unnecessary footage to leave only the best parts
  • Split MPG videos
  • Merge/join/combine video files
  • Share videos through social media to build your audience
  • Use VEED for mobile devices or computers - all platforms
  • Share videos with friends over social media - YouTube, Instagram, and more!
  • Save time by cutting a video in minutes
  • Many more features, such as adding emojis, shapes, progress bars and audio visualisers!