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Cut M4V

Cut & Trim M4V Files online!

Want to cut your M4V files?

VEED is the best way to edit and cut your M4V video files. Trim, merge, join and split large videos into smaller clips in minutes. Use footage to create stunning videos for social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

Cut your M4V video files with ease using VEED's simple interface!

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Why choose VEED’s M4V Video Cutter?

  • Cut, trim, and merge your M4V files with ease
  • Join videos together to create a new video clip 
  • Share awesome edited content over social media platforms
  • Cut “fluff” from your videos to shorten the time it takes for them to load and share on social media platforms
  • Trim excess footage of your video clips in order to make the most of a 3-minute limit on YouTube 
  • Break up long video clips into shorter, more digestible chunks 
  • Merge two M4V files together so that you can upload them as one
  • Perform other video editing tasks like adding captions, rotating video, and more
  • It’s free!