Online AVI Cutter - Cut, Trim, Crop AVI video files, free!
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Cut & Trim AVI Files online!

Do you have a bunch of AVI files that are too long?

VEED is the best way to cut your videos. It's fast, easy and free! Cut out parts of your video clips with ease using our simple drag-and-drop interface. You can also trim the length of your video clips by setting start and end points.

The best part about VEED is that it’s completely free! Don’t waste money on expensive software or pay someone to do this for you when you can use VEED instead. We know how important time is so we made sure that cutting videos was quick and easy for everyone - even if you're not a tech expert!

Get started now, with the best AVI trimmer on the web! No download needed!

Why choose VEED’s AVI Video Cutter?

  • No software to download, works right in your browser
  • Quick and easy video editing
  • Share footage on social media in minutes with no extra work
  • Create eye-catching content for marketing campaigns
  • Cut AVI files of any size
  • Allows for seamless merging and joining of video clips
  • Powerful tool - free and easy to use
  • Cut and/or trim AVI video files without quality loss
  • Trim the audio, change speed of a clip, remove background noise seamlessly 
  • Merge multiple videos into one easy project
  • Use footage to create stunning videos for social media
  • Save time in editing and become more effective & productive