Marvel App

Build Time

4 month

Founding Date


First $

4 months

Current $


First off, can you tell us about your background and your product?

I’m a product designer by trade and was working in the design space in full time and freelance roles for around 7 years before starting Marvel.

How long did it take to build your initial prototype and how did you validate it?

It took around 4 months of evenings and weekends to build it and we validated it in around 1-2 months.

How did you get your first paying customer and how long did it take?

It took around another 4 months to add payments via Stripe. However, I would recommend doing this sooner, to validate whether anyone would pay for your tool. It should be the 2nd thing you do after validating the MVP.

What worked and what didn't work when finding your first users?

We used the free social networks to generate interest such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, Dribbble and Designer News.

I had a blog and newsletter with a 1000 or so people on which really helped spread the word.

What advice would you give you other entrepreneurs looking to onboard their first users?

Build your audience before you start. Create a Medium, or newsletter, or Twitter account, whatever. Just start connecting with your potential audience today.

What resources have helped you in the early stages?

Paul Graham:

How can people reach you and find out more?

Twitter: @mutlu82