How a Novice Video Maker Uses VEED to Explain the Universe on YouTube

Data scientist by day, video maker by night, The Quantum Spectrum is building his mind bending YouTube channel entirely with VEED’s tools. Read his story to learn how!

How a Novice Video Maker Uses VEED to Explain the Universe on YouTube

Data scientist by day, video maker by night, The Quantum Spectrum is building his mind bending YouTube channel entirely with VEED’s tools.

Have you ever wondered what space smells like? Why does chocolate make you feel happier? What’s underneath the desert? Luckily The Quantum Spectrum is here to answer all these questions, and more. 

Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, its creator works as a data scientist for a large multinational company. But in his spare time he runs his fascinating YouTube channel which combines science and philosophy, explaining the world one video at a time.  

He had no experience of making videos when he started the channel – he only knew he wanted to create explainer videos that reflected his unique way of looking at the world. Thankfully in VEED he found the full range of tools he needed to get his idea off the ground – from stock footage to subtitles. 

We spoke to him about his unusual ideas, learning as he goes, and his favorite VEED features. 

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[#TOC1]Why did you start The Quantum Spectrum?[#TOC1]

I come from a science background – I have a degree in electrical engineering and physics. But I wanted to talk about science from a very different angle.

There are so many videos on science, but they hardly ever explore the philosophical aspect of it. So I wanted to combine science and philosophy, to think about them joined together.

I talk about space a lot and I try to challenge the boundaries of the human mind to go and think about hypothetical scenarios, to see what happens.

[#TOC2]How do you come up with your topics?[#TOC2]

Sometimes I also look at the science news, and the latest discoveries. Most of the time, I’m thinking in my head about different stuff. For example, if I'm walking and I see something, and suddenly something strikes me. 

I like to take a very complex subject and explain it to people in an easy way, so they understand it and can discuss it with other people. For example, the paradox of identity, it's a great concept. But people are unaware of it, and what it means for us – how we change every moment and how we change over the period of our lives. 

We should know about it! It gives me immense confidence that, in one way or another, we're always progressing.

I like to explore questions. How will our earth vanish? What does space smell like? Nobody might have ever thought about that, but it's good knowing that it smells like a steak.

[#TOC3]Why is video the best way to explore these ideas?[#TOC3]

To read something you need to really concentrate and process it in your mind to understand it. Video makes it much easier to gain knowledge.

There are two senses involved with video – watching and listening. So with video it’s easy to learn something  – it goes into your head and you have something to process, you can always relate other things to it. 

I made a video about fractals – we see them every day but have you ever noticed them? Fractals are in flowers, they are in leaves. When you’ve watched the video, now you look and think, right, there’s a fractal. 

[#TOC4]How much video experience did you have when you started?[#TOC4]

I had no concept of video making prior to this channel. This is why every day, I'm trying to improve myself. Because if you watch my first few videos, they were not as good. But it's a learning curve, which is exponential. 

VEED has been so helpful.

Quote from The Quantum Spectrum.

[#TOC5]What are your favorite VEED features?[#TOC5]

I am quite camera shy so I don't want to be on the videos. VEED has an AI voice converter which sounds very human. I put the script in there and choose a voice, then I make adjustments to the script to work with the AI. It's absolutely great.

There is tons of stock footage which is exactly what I need – you don't have to download it from somewhere else, you can just search for what you need. You can play around with options which is good because you have to experiment a lot, to visualize what will go in sync with the viewer's mind and the script.  

I like the subtitles for the Shorts – they are in the tool and you can download them, burn them on the screen, whatever you want. It's a seamless process, all of it.

[#TOC6]What are your plans for the channel?[#TOC6]

I have been thinking about putting my face on the channel, but not very soon. 

I am still challenging the concept – bringing things into people’s lives they had never thought about. I want them to be science literate about small things. They should know why water is transparent. Why the emergency lights are red, and not blue. They should know about quantum connection – why do your loved ones feel something when you are in pain? There’s a physics to it.

[#TOC7]Would you recommend VEED to other video makers?[#TOC7]  

Absolutely. VEED is the easiest plug-and-play tool I have ever come across. Within a few clicks, you can get your video in a high quality format.

Quote from The Quantum Spectrum about VEED.

It's hard to make a mark on YouTube these days, especially in a specific niche, for a faceless channel. So I'm pretty happy with how it is going.

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How a Novice Video Maker Uses VEED to Explain the Universe on YouTube


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