StreamYard Alternatives: Here's which tool will help you easily run streams like a pro

Tired of juggling 500 different tools to go live, record, edit, share, and more? Here's what you need to know about how you can become a better streamer using VEED.

Ayush Sood
StreamYard Alternatives: Here's which tool will help you easily run streams like a pro

Looking for the best Streamyard alternatives? We have got you covered. 

Streamyard is a popular live-streaming software. Yet, you might be unhappy with its pricing and user interface or want more features in a streaming tool. Maybe you’re planning to go live for the first time and are exploring options.  

Several Streamyard competitors offer similar or better features and claim to be the ultimate live streaming solution. And many such tools (including Streamyard) have affiliate programs that pay users for promotions. So finalizing something solely based on online reviews or a YouTuber’s recommendation can be tricky.

Then how can you select the best tool – without going nuts?

Don’t worry. The VEED team did the heavy lifting and chose the three best Streamyard alternatives. These tools cater to three distinct audience types, so you can easily choose one based on your requirements.

Top 3 Streamyard Alternatives
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Restream Best beginners streaming tool for multi-streaming to 30+ platforms
OBS Studio Best for pros who need advanced control and customization
VEED Best all-around video workflow tool to go live, multistream, edit, and repurpose clips for major platforms

Restream: Best beginners streaming tool for multi-streaming to 30+ platforms

Restream is a browser-based multistreaming software that integrates with 30+ platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn. From content creators and marketers to media organizations, many use it for real-time engagement with their audience. It’s intuitive and requires no software installation. 

However, you cannot go live on thirty platforms at once. The free plan allows going live on two channels simultaneously, while the costliest option permits twenty. Compared to Streamyard, Restream’s lowest monthly paid plan is cheaper and lets users multistream to five platforms compared to the former’s three.

You can invite guests to your “Restream studio“ without going live and record the stream for podcasts or a later broadcast. 

Key Features

The features vary based on the plan you select according to your requirements and budget. 

For instance, screen sharing, royalty-free background music, and multi-camera streaming are available in every plan. In contrast, only paid users can upload PowerPoint decks or videos (imagine countdowns and outros videos) during or before the live broadcast. 

Here are Restream’s key features

  • Cross-platform analytics: Insights on the stream’s performance across multiple platforms 
  • Streaming pre-recorded videos
  • Custom RTMP streaming and compatibility with third-party software like OBS and Zoom
  • Cross-platform chat: View and reply to comments from various streaming platforms within Restream
  • Landscape and portrait screen orientation: The latter is a great add-on when streaming to mobile users on platforms like Instagram
  • Customization of graphics like logos, overlays, and backgrounds 
  • Six to ten stream speakers/participants based on chosen plan 


While Restream is excellent for beginners, its free plan has limited features. Many points we listed above are only available in the paid options. On the other hand, alternatives like VEED offer some of Restream’s paid features like Full HD streaming or recording for free. 

Keep these points in mind when you plan to use Restream’s free version: 

  • No custom RTMP streaming. It means you can’t go live on Facebook groups, pages, or platforms like Vimeo
  • Restream watermark
  • No streaming of pre-recorded videos  
  • No online video storage

And for the paid plans: 

  • Multi-camera streaming: Up to two extra cameras; video-only streaming for the additional cameras. 
  • Recordings deleted in 15-30 days for some of the paid plans. 
  • Time and storage limit on streaming of pre-recorded video across paid plans.
  • No video editor for content repurposing.

Pricing: The pricing can be up to $299 based on your chosen plan. The Basic plan is free, while the costliest option meant for companies, called Business, is $299 per month. The most popular plan is Professional, which is priced at $49 per month.  

What do people say about Restream?

A customer on the review site G2 says, “It was simple enough to navigate. Restream has a simple way to connect each platform from which to stream. I liked how I can record live or upload a video for later publishing.”

A user in the higher education industry praises the tool by calling it a “perfect platform for online streaming” However, the same customer also found channel integrations with YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn complicated and mentions that it fails many times. 

Kirk E., a creative lead, also discusses facing problems with LinkedIn integration. 

OBS Studio: Best for pros who need advanced control and customization

OBS Studio is an advanced live streaming and video recording app. It’s open source, meaning anyone can use it for free and add customizable features/plug-ins based on their requirements. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.  

From gameplay streamers on Twitch to YouTubers, many use it for streaming and doing advanced customization. However, you’ll have to connect OBS to a third-party plugin or software like Restream if you want to multistream.  

Key Features

OBS Studio stands apart from its competitors by enabling users to customize almost anything in their stream. Imagine changing the resolution/bitrate, layouts, and even setting up your keyboard shortcuts – OBS Studio makes it possible.

  • Allows using multiple audio and video devices simultaneously
  • Customizable user interface
  • Enables streaming of pre-recorded videos
  • Advanced audio mixer
  • Custom transitions
  • Screen capturing and stream recording
  • Integration with different streaming plugins: alerts, live chat on the screen, etc.
  • No watermark


Though OBS Studio is a powerful live-streaming tool, many find it overwhelming. The software can be a bit performance-intensive on your computer and result in lags.  

Keep these OBS Studio cons in mind before choosing it as a Streamyard alternative: 

  • Requires software installation
  • Steep learning curve: Hard to get started in a few seconds
  • No templates or pre-made assets: Requires downloading or creating templates
  • Absence of online video storage
  • No easy way to repurpose recordings for social media 

Pricing: Free 

What do people say about OBS Studio?

The overall OBS reviews on G2 are positive and hail praises about its powerful live streaming capabilities,

However, many say OBS can be overwhelming. For example, a verified user says, “the number of features, though well integrated and laid out, can be fairly overwhelming for a new user to come to grips with and set up.” 

Multiple users also mention live video lags when using many features in computers with basic configuration – a common issue with tools that need installation.

VEED: Best all-around video workflow tool to go live, multistream, edit, and repurpose clips for major platforms

VEED is a browser-based live streaming software and online video editor. It has a ridiculously simple-to-use interface and is super-fast. VEED’s live streaming feature makes multistreaming on social channels like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn seamless. 

The web-based software will automatically record and upload your stream to the cloud. Take advantage of VEED’s powerful editing capabilities to repurpose the recording for social media in seconds. However, even though its customization features are suitable for most, it’s not best for advanced streamers used to OBS.  

Key Features

VEED lets users customize the stream by changing the layout and adding assets like logos or lower thirds. It will also enable you, the host, to add up to eight guests/speakers (including yourself) to the stream. Additionally, you can record podcast-style videos within VEED without going live and publish them later. 

Here are VEED’s main features relevant to streamers: 

  • Full HD streaming - even in the free plan
  • Allows uploading videos, images, and backgrounds to be used during the stream 
  • Custom RTMP streaming
  • Unified chat, banners, and comments highlighting
  • Screen sharing and capturing with unlimited recording 
  • Automatic transcription of the recording
  • Create video clips from the transcription text for simpler content repurposing


Even though VEED is an amazing option for going live, it isn’t perfect. Here is why:

  • VEED watermark in the free plan
  • Not suitable for advanced customization
  • No option to stream pre-recorded videos 
  • Multi-camera and multi-audio streaming unavailable
  • No feature to make advanced video and audio adjustments before or during the stream

Pricing: Free (with watermark); Basic Plan: $12 per month; Pro Plan: $24 per month

What do people say about VEED?

Many customers find VEED’s ability to quickly repurpose a live stream into short clips “very cool” and “really helpful.” A customer says, “the ability to grab the automatic transcript’s text and turn that segment into a short video is really smart.”

Diana B., a content marketer and creator says "With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there. It has everything I need in one place. It's affordable and a must for every content creator and brand out there."

Why is VEED the best overall Streamyard alternative?

VEED’s suite of video tools makes it the best Streamyard alternative for creators and content teams who want to live stream and create content at scale.

Many tools offer more features and advanced customization options to streamers than VEED. However, more doesn’t always mean better. Keep reading to know why. 

Unlike complex software like OBS Studio, it lets you go live or multistream directly from a web browser in a few clicks. Restream, Streamyard, and many others are browser-based too. How’s VEED special?

Imagine using Restream, Streamyard, or OBS for a live broadcast. And then using paid and complex video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to repurpose your stream. Add more costs and headaches if you want to collaborate with someone for video editing.

VEED does all of this within a single platform. It isn’t just a live streaming app but a powerful tool simplifying video content creation. VEED automatically records the stream, uploads it to VEED’s online servers, and transcribes it. 

Its robust yet highly intuitive editing capabilities will enable you to repurpose a recorded broadcast in seconds. Highlight interesting parts of your live stream, add automatic subtitles and post it on TikTok, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

VEED helps you maximize your reach and improves efficiency with minimum effort and costs. Not many software can boast such a robust set of features that all work so well together, despite being super easy to use.  

Schedule your next live stream with VEED LIVE. 

StreamYard Alternatives: Here's which tool will help you easily run streams like a pro

Ayush Sood

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Frequently Asked Questions

Streamyard VS VEED: Which is better?


If you want a comprehensive video workflow tool to go live, multistream, edit, and repurpose clips for major platforms, VEED is better than Streamyard. 

However, the latter has more customization options, though it’s more expensive. It’s best for people or teams whose work ends at the end of the stream: no content repurposing and promotion.

What’s the best platform for live streaming? 


The platform that meets most of your streaming requirements and where your target audience is most active is the best. For example, LinkedIn suits a business-focused audience, while YouTube or Twitch is best for gameplay streamers. Multistream and experiment with different platforms to identify the best platform for you.