Streamlabs Alternatives: Top 3 Picks for Live Streaming

Here are the three best alternatives to Streamlabs and the best overall pick.

Aleks Miric
Streamlabs Alternatives: Top 3 Picks for Live Streaming

If you’re familiar with live streaming and OBS in particular, you most likely know about Streamlabs as well. Streamlabs’ mission from the beginning was to take OBS and make it even better and more accessible for people who might not be that tech-savvy but still want to make their streams run and look amazing. 

While Streamlabs managed to do that well, it still lacks in some aspects - you have to download the tool, there’s no easy way to have guests on, no video editing features and you must use a separate tool (or even hire editors) to turn your highlights into sharable clips. To help you streamline all of this, we tested the Top 3 Streamlabs alternatives and surfaced the best overall alternative.

Top 3 OBS Alternatives
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StreamYard Browser-based live streaming studio for starters
Restream Multistream to 30+ platforms from your browser
VEED All-in-one tool to record, go live, edit and turn it into 10 clips

[#TOC1]StreamYard: Browser-based live streaming studio for starters[#TOC1]

StreamYard strikes a balance between simplicity and customizability with an easy-to-use streaming software that features the essentials you’d need to record and stream videos (plus audio) to multiple platforms at the same time. StreamYard is a popular web-based OBS alternative for beginners, especially among marketers, content creators, trainers, coaches, influencers, and brands. 

It helps you get your audience included with features like highlighting comments on the stream, ask questions, add CTAs, and even run giveaways for your viewers. It’s a solid platform for beginners who are just getting their video creation journey started. 

But as your video needs and expertise grow, you’ll find it lacking advanced video streaming or management capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • 10 on-screen participants in studio
  • Adding video clips, background music, and adding stream overlays
  • Custom RTMP integration
  • Ability to download a recording of your broadcast


  • No video editing (simple trimmer coming soon)
  • No built-in music background library 
  • No plugin integration
  • Lack of in-depth analytics of your streams
  • No easy way to turn your broadcast into shorter clips


StreamYard has a simple pricing with one free and two paid pricing plans at $25/mo and $49/mo. 

[#TOC2]Restream: Multistream to 30+ platforms from your browser[#TOC2]

If you are a more experienced streamer, content creator, or marketer who wants a multistreaming solution simpler than OBS or Streamlabs, Restream is your tool. It lets you go live wherever your audience is, whether it’s Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or even Steam — you can boost your reach by being on multiple platforms at the same time.

Restream offers tools such as customizing frame drops or bit rates, pre-recorded videos, customizable branding, automated alerts, text-to-speech alters, and metadata updating. You can also pair it with OBS with their official integration.

However, if you want to edit your recording or turn it into sharable clips to grow your audience, you’ll find Restream lackin and will want to use something like (more on this later). 

Key Features:

  • Multistream to 30+ different platforms
  • Different overlays, layouts and templates 
  • Screen sharing with multiple participants
  • Combined live chat from all integrated platforms withing the app
  • On-screen comments and captions
  • Fast message delivery, relay bot, and stream health monitoring 


  • Bit more complicated interface for starters
  • Limited video quality on free and cheaper plans
  • Limited storage and length for storing recordings


You can get started for free on Restream with limited access to some of their features. To use the full suite of features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan which starts from $19 to $299 per month. 

All-in-one tool to record, go live, edit and turn it into 10 clips[#TOC3]

VEED is an all-in-one browser-based user friendly streaming software that lets you do everything from start to finish in a single tool. You can just start recording or go live to multiple platforms at the same time (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), customize the design of your studio with different assets, overlays and layouts and most importantly it’s super simple to invite guests. 

Then once you finish the recording/live stream you get a full accurate transcript to either use for text-based editing or to look for highlights and easily export them to the main VEED video editor where it’s super simple to turn the highlight into a sharable clip for your socials (change aspect ratio, add subtitles and more) toboost your reach and grow your audience.

Key Features:

  • Stream to multiple platforms (multistream)
  • Unified chat and highlight comments
  • Ability to add up to 8 speakers (guests) and participant management tools 
  • Automatic transcript and ability to edit by text
  • Unlimited recording and live streaming
  • Easy way to turn your recording/broadcast into sharable highlight clips
  • Separate audio tracks (video tracks soon)


  • Only guests can join from mobile
  • Need to add stream key in a few platforms (not fully integrated yet)
  • Lack of in-depth video analytics


You can get started for free with all features (watermark included) or upgrade to one of the paid plans that range from $18 to $59 per month to get rid of the watermark.

Why is VEED the best overall Streamlabs alternative?

Using complex software like Streamlabs or OBS requires download and a reasonably powerful PC and usually additional tools to for example invite guests or turn your broadcast into sharable clips for your social media. This adds tons of friction in the overall flow, especially for beginners who want to get started quickly and need to stay consistent to start seeing results. It also adds way more money to your overall tech-stack.

VEED is an all-in-one Streamlabs alternative that allows you to record, go live on multiple platforms at the same time with a great looking stream but also invite guests, get a full transcript and easily turn your broadcast into sharable highlights to boost your reach and get more viewers. All that thanks to our streaming software and powerful video editor being integrated and working together.

Streamlabs Alternatives: Top 3 Picks for Live Streaming

Aleks Miric

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