3 Best Restream Alternatives to Level Up Your Streaming Experience

Finding the right tool for streaming can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be. Here are the top 3 Restream alternatives and who each one is best for.

Komal Ahuja
3 Best Restream Alternatives to Level Up Your Streaming Experience

Restream is a go-to streaming tool for many creators. It empowers them to meet their audience where they are with over 30 supported channels and offers unique audience engagement features. But it’s not made for everyone. You might want to record, edit, and repurpose your stream footage. Or you might need a more affordable alternative. 

We tried tens of Restream competitors to handpick the top three alternatives you can consider for live streaming. Each of our recommendations is suited for a specific user profile, so deciding between these three will be a piece of cake!

Top 3 Restream Alternatives
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OBS Studio Best for pros who need advanced control and customization
Streamyard Best browser-based live streaming studio for beginners
VEED Best all-around video workflow tool to go live, multi-stream, edit, and repurpose clips for major platforms

[#TOC1]OBS Studio: Best for pros who need advanced control and customization[#TOC1]

OBS Studio is a feature-packed streaming software with video recording and editing capabilities. The tool is designed specifically for gamers with the option to mix multiple audio sources into a single broadcast. Its advanced streaming features, like displaying pre-recorded footage, still images, screen capture, and more, make it a top choice for pro streamers. 

But the tool's complex configuration requirements—even for the most basic features—are a big letdown for many. You'll have to go through a long learning curve if you don't already know these configuration workflows.  

✨ Key Features

  • Highly customizable stream: OBS Studio lets you customize your stream with unique elements, like a picture-in-picture webcam shot, overlay texts, custom watermarks, and personalized widgets. 
  • Scene nesting: This feature lets you add previously created scenes—short clips, text boxes, banners, or watermarks—as overlays in multiple scenes across your stream.  
  • Replay buffer: Gamers will particularly enjoy the replay buffer feature. It constantly records the last 10 seconds of your stream and stores it in your RAM. Once you hit the Save Replay Buffer hotkey, the last 10-second clip is saved locally.
  • Separate audio tracks: One of OBS Studio’s helpful features is that it saves different tracks for different audio sources. You can easily edit these sounds to keep your final footage clean—reduce volume levels for copyrighted tracks, trim parts of the track, or remove the entire track. 
  • All major streaming platforms: OBS Studio supports streaming on all major platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, hitbox.tv, DailyMotion, beam.tv, Livecoding.tv, Facebook Live, and Restream.io. You can multi-stream on different channels using a third-party service. 

🚩 Cons:

  • Little guidance available: OBS Studio doesn't come with enough instructional material to help new users get the best of the software. This becomes more problematic because the tool's interface and functionality are already too complicated for users to understand.
  • Complex workflows for mixing sources: While OBS allows mixing audio sources during a live stream, the process is not simple. It requires a good deal of maneuvering and testing to mix audio sources on the software.  
  • Requires configuration and learning time: OBS has a completely customizable interface. While this works in your favor to create a unique stream, it also means you have to configure every little thing—even the trigger to record the last few seconds. 
  • Overloads the system and crashes: Another downside to OBS Studio is its tendency to overload the system and create lags in the stream. This can be frustrating for both viewers and streamers. You might even experience your system crashing if the RAM isn’t enough to take the load. 

Pricing: Open-source, free forever 

[#TOC2]Streamyard: Best browser-based live streaming studio for beginners[#TOC2]

StreamYard is a web-based live streaming studio to create professional-looking streams without complex software. The platform allows you to invite up to 10 guests and multi-stream on various social channels simultaneously. The custom RTMP output means you can stream on any third-party sites/apps that support RTMP. 

🧠 What's RTMP?: Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is communication technology that enables live video streaming over the internet.

For all its dynamic streaming options, StreamYard lacks good customization options and the flexibility available on other alternatives. 

✨ Key Features

  • Ease of setup and use: StreamYard is one of the best Restream alternatives for beginners because of its simple and neat functionality. You don't have to download and install any software, just use it on any web-enabled device.
  • Cheaper and more accessible: StreamYard works well for beginners because of its price and almost no additional requirements. The free plan gives you the basic streaming features with an upgrade available for just $25/month.  
  • Intuitive and clean dashboard: Another advantage for StreamYard users is the minimal learning curve. The tool has an intuitive interface that balances functionality with simplicity. A neat dashboard means new users can effortlessly engage with their audience on chat while streaming. 
  • Multi-stream broadcast: StreamYard integrates with nine destination channels on different streaming sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitch. It also has a custom RTMP option, using which you can integrate any RTMP-compatible destination channels.  
  • Streaming pre-recorded content: Many streamers want to present pre-recorded content in their live, and StreamYard supports this functionality. While you can't broadcast these clips exclusively without going live, you can upload them as a part of your live stream. 

🚩 Cons:

  • Not as exhaustive as others: As a multistreaming platform, StreamYard doesn’t come quite as close to the two other options. With a focus on simplicity, the platform only offers the essentials for live streaming with no advanced features for pro streamers. 
  • Audio issues: Many users have experienced problems with the audio. The sound tends to echo when multiple guests speak together, disturbing the audio. 
  • Not available on all major platforms: One of StreamYard's biggest disadvantages is that it doesn't support streaming on TikTok and Instagram. This is a significant turn-off since these two combined platforms and Twitch accounted for 548 billion hours of live streaming content.  
  • Not enough customization options: StreamYard doesn't have great customization options, which puts it on the back foot again. Customization settings are limited, and you have to make a lot of custom graphics on your own, using design tools like Canva and Photoshop. 
  • Complicated overlay switch: Switching between overlays during a live stream is not the easiest thing on StreamYard. You’ll find the overlay selection hidden in the branding menu. So, switching overlays would require multiple steps to click away from the comments tab and jump into the branding tab to change the overlay.

Pricing: Free, Basic: $25, Professional: $49

[#TOC3]VEED: Best all-around video workflow tool to go live, multi-stream, edit, and repurpose clips for major platforms[#TOC3]


VEED is a fully-featured video creation, editing, and video sharing tool with in-built multistreaming capabilities. You can go live on different channels with the click of a button and record the entire stream. Edit this footage to add subtitles, enhance audio, include more elements, and repurpose it for various platforms. 

VEED’s suite of streaming and editing tools makes it the best all-in-one Restream alternative.

✨ Key Features

  • Multi-stream on major platforms: VEED Live lets you stream on every video-sharing platform, including Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and more. You don't have to start separate streams. Go to the VEED Live studio and set up your stream. Then enter the stream key for all the channels you want to stream on, and you're all set to multi-stream. 
  • Better accessibility: VEED is a browser-based platform. You don't need to download complicated software and meet specific system requirements for streaming. Log into your account and jump to the VEED Live studio to set up your stream—add a background image, text overlays, logo, and other elements—then hit the Go Live button to start. 
  • Collaborate with up to 8 guests: Whether you want to live stream a talk show or host a podcast, VEED allows you to invite up to eight guests on a stream and level up the engagement. 
  • All-in-one chat: Audience engagement is a huge challenge when streaming live on multiple channels. With VEED Live, you get an all-in-one inbox to talk and engage with your audience effortlessly. The tool will compile messages from different channels in a single chat box and relay your responses to the original channels. 
  • One tool for all your video needs: VEED is more than just a multi-stream service; it's an all-inclusive editing tool that allows you to trim and resize videos, clean the audio, add subtitles and captions, apply filters and effects, and include transition styles. This eliminates the need to juggle and splurge money on a comprehensive tech stack.

🚩 Cons: 

  • Limited audience engagement: Unlike Restream, VEED doesn't let you highlight messages from the chat to maximize engagement. The tool's functionality is limited to an all-in-one chat box with messages from all channels. 
  • Lack of performance analytics: You can't track your live stream performance using VEED Live. The tool doesn't collect audience engagement data to show how you fared across different streaming sessions. 

Pricing: Free, Basic: $25/month, Pro: $38/month, Business: $70/month—billed annually 

Why is VEED the Best Overall Restream Alternative?

VEED's recording and editing capabilities, on top of the multistreaming functionality, make it the most power-packed Restream alternative in the market. 

Restream is an excellent option if you're looking to broadcast your stream to multiple platforms. But VEED goes a level above to help you stream, record, edit, and save all the footage on a cloud account. At a lower price point, VEED offers a lot more than Restream, including:

  • Amazing templates to beautify your stream setup
  • Schedule your stream effortlessly on different channels
  • Stream in 1080p and record unlimited footage
  • Transcribe and repurpose content for social media
  • No ads disrupting your experience—even on the free plan

VEED can help you do more with your live stream and create high-quality content.

3 Best Restream Alternatives to Level Up Your Streaming Experience

Komal Ahuja

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Restream?


Yes, Restream has a free forever plan that allows multistreaming on two platforms with up to six guests. You can stream within limits, and your stream will have a Restream watermark in the free plan.

Is there a streaming software with free multi-stream?


Yes, VEED Live allows you to stream on multiple platforms for free. VEED supports all video-sharing channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more for multistreaming. You can go live on all platforms at once by entering the stream key. 




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