How to Win New Opportunities and Close More Sales Globally with VEED AI

Looking for your sales team to grow and thrive, wherever they are in the world? Learn how you can close more sales and win new opportunities with VEED.

Matthew Sweet
How to Win New Opportunities and Close More Sales Globally with VEED AI

Running a global sales operation doesn’t come without its challenges. With different time zones, technology woes, and language barriers to conquer, keeping your sales team aligned and empowered to win isn’t exactly easy. Luckily, video content can help with that.

A study found that using video for prospecting improved response rates for 60% of sales reps. In addition, buyers tend to be 50% more responsive to sales messages when they receive at least one video. Armed with the right tools, your team can achieve similar results.

VEED is the perfect enterprise video solution. The platform has a plethora of cutting-edge AI features that are ideally tailored to help with a number of sales use cases, and enable your team to close more.

At a glance, here are all the amazing things you can accomplish with VEED:

[#TOC1]1. Create Professional Sales Prospecting Videos at Scale[#TOC1]

VEED Feature You Need for This: AI Avatars

Sales prospecting videos are great for capturing the interest of your prospects. In fact, the majority of sales reps agree that video emails are far more effective than text-based emails for engaging potential customers. That said, recording quality content at scale can be challenging and hugely time-consuming. 

Thanks to VEED’s realistic AI avatars, however, you can create professional-looking prospecting videos at the click of a button.

AI Avatars are AI-powered representatives for your business; digital spokespersons that you can use to feature in your prospecting videos.

Choose from our 50+ diverse avatars, type what you want them to say, and let AI generate your video in seconds. Instead of spending hours recording, your reps can now spend their precious time on finding quality prospects and making sure they’re available to entertain their queries.

Want to learn more about our AI Avatars and how you can use them to create professional-looking prospecting videos? Check out this resource.

[#TOC2]2. Translate Your Sales Prospecting Videos into 140+ Languages[#TOC2]

VEED Features You Need for This: AI-Powered Subtitles and Text-to-Speech

Creating prospecting videos for audiences that are scattered around the world is tough. VEED makes it easier by allowing you to conveniently translate and localize your content into more than 140 languages.

With VEED, you can do this in two ways:

Create Subtitles in Multiple Languages

80% of viewers are more likely to watch a video to completion if it includes subtitles. That 80% could include a large chunk of your potential prospects. Luckily, VEED’s Subtitles Translator not only helps you speed up the normally exhausting subtitling process but also allows you to translate your videos to multiple languages in seconds.  

Just upload your video to VEED, auto-generate the subtitles, and translate them into a language of your choice. It’s as simple as that. Create prospecting videos for your global audiences at scale and get more responses.

If you want a more detailed tutorial, you can find how easy it is to translate your video's subtitles with VEED here

Use Text-to-Speech to Translate Your Scripts

VEED’s Text-to-Speech feature lets you create videos with ease. Simply type or paste the translated version of your script, select a voice that you want to use, and hear your script being read aloud by VEED’s AI. 

There are no expensive apps or software for you to download; all in-browser, you can experiment with different realistic voice profiles and pick one that fits well with your videos. Add music and sound effects from our Stock Library to further personalize your project, and you’re ready to send out your prospecting videos at a fraction of the usual time it takes to create them.

Learn How To Use Text-To-Speech To Translate Your Video With This Tutorial 👇

[#TOC3]3. Record Engaging and Smooth Sales Pitches[#TOC3]

VEED Features You Need for This: Eye Contact Correction and Magic Cut

Around 94% of buyers say that watching videos helps strengthen confidence during the sales process. To build that trust in your brand, your reps must appear confident on video. 

Coming across as genuine and persuasive in your pitches is vital to closing more sales. However, maintaining eye contact with prospective buyers and talking smoothly without any hiccups is easier said than done.

Fortunately, VEED offers two revolutionary AI-powered tools that can help those reps who are still working on their on-camera skills: Eye Contact Correction and Magic Cut.

Let’s take a look at what these tools can do for them.

Eye Contact Correction: Correct Your Gaze with AI

Eye Contact Correction is a one-click AI magic trick that fixes your gaze to look straight into the camera — while you’re actually looking elsewhere (like a script) as you record. It’s the perfect tool that allows you to record with confidence. Read your script whilst recording and forget spending your precious time memorizing your notes.

You’ll have to see it to believe it. Find out how to use Eye Contact Correction here.

Magic Cut: Professionally Edit Your Video in a Single Click

Magic Cut is your secret weapon when it comes to saving on your video editing time.

At the click of a button, Magic Cut removes any filler words, throat-clearing sounds, and recording blips from your video. It transforms imperfect footage into clean sales pitches in, quite literally, seconds. That way, your sales reps can record their video pitches with more confidence, knowing they can just remove all of the unwanted bits with a click of a button. Plus, they save a ton of time, as they don't have to manually remove all the unwanted bits from their recordings.

To learn more about this AI wizardry, here’s how Magic Cut can help you edit your video in a single click.

[#TOC4]4. Scale Up Your Sales Training Program[#TOC4]

VEED Features You Need for This: AI-Powered Translations and AI Avatars

97% of managers say video is effective in helping employees retain training material, making it the perfect format for learning and development content. However, creating training videos for a sales team that collectively speaks multiple languages and serves different regions can be a struggle.

This is where our AI-Powered Translations and AI Avatars come in: 

AI-Powered Translations: Translate Your Training Videos

In a few clicks, you can conveniently translate your sales training videos into more than 140+ languages, and communicate with your team globally. 

Auto-generate the subtitles and translate them into a language of your choice in seconds. You can customize your subtitles, too, making the videos more engaging and keeping things looking slick. Tailor each video according to the geographical and cultural requirements, and you’ll have a bank of sales training program videos ready to go in no time. 

AI Avatars: Create Training Content at Scale

Most teams, especially sales teams, are busy – really busy. AI Avatars are a great way to create professional-looking training videos from scratch. If you’re short on resources or the time to stand in front of a camera, Avatars are your go-to tool.

Don’t worry about outtakes or planning the recording sessions in advance; you can now create all your training videos in a single session, using a digital spokesperson to save your team time, money, and effort.

[#TOC5]5. Create Custom Avatars for Your Busy Reps[#TOC5]

VEED Feature You Need for This: AI Avatars

Some of your reps may simply not have the time to record sales prospecting videos, and those in the process of working on their skills could feel camera shy. The good news is, that you can easily create custom AI avatars of your team members.

These realistic digital representatives can simply feature in the prospecting videos instead of your busy/shy reps.

*At the moment, Custom Avatars are only available to Enterprise users. Get in touch with our sales team today to learn more.

[#TOC6]Other Ways VEED Can Empower Your Sales Team to Succeed[#TOC6]

Using VEED for your global sales team’s training and prospecting videos will help them win new opportunities and close more sales. Armed with easy-to-use software and AI-powered tools, your reps can remain aligned across time zones, and have the weight of confused communication and recording hiccups taken off from their shoulders.

Use Avatars for learning and development videos, add Auto Subtitles quickly to boost engagement, and translate any of your videos into over 140 languages. 

As well as the features we’ve mentioned, there are plenty more ways in which VEED can help you as a business:

  • Upload and Host Your Videos: Upload and securely host your videos on our platform, and share them with your prospects and colleagues.
  • Easily Share Your Content: Share your videos in emails and messages without having to download any large files. Once you’ve exported, a short URL is generated that you can send to as many people as you please.
  • Collaborate on Video Projects: Work harmoniously as a team. Use comments to exchange feedback with the people on your sales team and/or clients on your prospecting videos hosted on VEED.
  • Maintain a Consistently On-Brand Experience: Use the brand kit to empower your sales team to create on-brand video content. Keep all of your assets (fonts, color, logos, and more) in one place.
  • Gauge Buyer Intent: Use VEED's in-built video analytics to determine how much of your video your prospects watched, and get insights about their intent.

With the support of powerful video content created with VEED, your sales team will expand and flourish, wherever they are in the world. It’s time to win, globally!

How to Win New Opportunities and Close More Sales Globally with VEED AI

Matthew Sweet

Matt is the Head of Enterprise Sales at VEED. He has a decade of experience in Sales and building Revenue Teams. When he's not working, you'll find him indulging in a sales book, listening to a podcast, or reading one of his favourite blogs.

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