Rotating a video is one extremely basic video editing task, yet for most it is really challenging task. To make thing even worse, IOS and Android devices don't have video rotation built into the core operating system meaning you need to find another option.

The normal culprit is recoding a video in landscape with your phones orientation lock is on. So how do you solve the problem? You don't want to lean or install any crazy software just to do a basic video rotation.

So in this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to rotate a video online (mobile and desktop) in just a few click using VEED an simple online video editor.

  1. Go to VEED.IO

In your address bar type or in google type and the website will load.

How To Rotate Video Online

2. Upload Video to VEED

On the homepage click the pink button that says upload video to upload directly from your device. Or click more options to upload from dropbox, google drive or from a url. You can upload and rotate all major video file formats such as mp4, mov, webM and more.

3. Rotate the video

Now you are in the video editor, click the video and you will see the rotation icon appear at the top. Click and drag the video left or right depending on what way your want your video rotated.

4. Download your video

Now press download in the bottom right corner and the render will start. For short videos this should be really fast, altho for dramatic effect, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and add that into the process too.

5. Happy ever after

BOOM, Your video has now been rotated! Press download to save the video. You can also share your videos via a link and even save it as a GIF.

Now you are a video rotation pro. As you might have seen, you can do a lot more with VEED than just rotating videos. You can also Subtitle Videos, Add music to video, take advantage of our instagram templates and much more.

We hope this guide was helpful, you can also reach-out if you have any questions or need any help.

How to rotate video tutorial