It’s a no-brainer that a good track can level up your videos. But, finding the right music can be a tedious and frustrating task; jumping from one website to another to find the perfect tune for your video. Quit that and try our picks, music for every mood and every kind of video.

Today, we are sharing our picks to score the best royalty-free music for your videos in 2020. They all are royalty-free music, so no copyright hassle.

Free Music Sites for Video Creators


A new platform that launched in 2019 is stocked with amazing tracks for your videos! After starting out with free videos, Mixkit launched free music in Feb 2020. The platform brings a new vibe to the table with its amazing tracks and a fun colorful website is just an added bonus. Pick your tunes and add them to your videos, hassle-free.

Snag free music, video, and templates on Mixkit for your next video project

Why We Love it

  • Simple but diverse; choose from 18 genres, 12 moods & over 50 tags. Funk, hip-hop, pop, rock, etc.
  • No sign-in required to access the music.
  • No attribution required.
  • Super easy to navigate website.


  • No duration filter to search by the length of the track.
  • Limited number of tracks
  • Can’t access tunes by one particular creator

Youtube Audio Library

Youtube Audio Library is a home to audio collections since 2013 and new audios are added on a daily basis. Youtube audio library is a go-to for any new video creator because it has endless tracks to sass up your videos for many years and it’s totally free.

YouTube's Audio Library is a channel dedicated to search, catalog, sort and publish No Copyright Music, Vlog Music and Royalty Free Music for content creators

Why We Love it

  • Laser-focused search; filter by genre, mood, instrument, duration, attribution, etc.
  • Search by creator’s name (Click on their name and you can check out the creator’s youtube channel)
  • Easy-to-use website.


  • Sign-in required to browse
  • Copyright for every video is different, some need attribution and some don’t
  • High chances that audio you choose is used by someone else too due to its popularity.
  • A tad bland website aesthetic.

Best Paid Music Sites for Video Creators


A platform built by a filmmaker for filmmakers; bringing together the best tracks by musicians from across the world. Make your audio quality as good as a film with this powerful music platform. To use the royalty-free music up to its full potential for your videos, it’s billed annually at $199.

Browse Artlist's library using their advanced search filters

Why We Love It

  • Advanced search to locate music based on the theme, mood, duration, or tempo of your video
  • List by top downloads which you can’t do in the free versions above.
  • Unlimited access to audio without any copyright issues for commercial use as well as personal.
  • Pre-checked for youtube monetization and lifetime access to audios you download.
  • Offers a free trial before you buy.


  • Free trial can’t be used for commercial use, just for personal use.
  • Billed annually, no monthly payment option available.

Envato Elements Audio

With over 23K audio tracks, you’re sure to find a track that works for your video. Envato has been a hub for creatives to score photos, graphics, videos, and music tracks. This makes it a hotspot for any video creator to jazz up their content. Price starts from $16.16 per month for individuals, with 30% off for students.

Explore thousands of songs and sound effects on Envato Elements

Why We Love it

  • Filters to find female vocals, male vocals, instrumental vocals, etc which none of the above platforms provide.
  • Sign up and get access to royalty-free music + access to stock photos, videos, vectors etc.
  • Different pricing options depending on the team size.
  • Monthly payment option available.


  • Every time you download an item, you get an ongoing license for a specific and single-use only. So, to use the track again, you will have to register for a different end use.


Grammy-winning sound engineers make sure that every track is exceptional and handpicked for your videos starting at as low as @ $11.25 per month. A platform built exclusively for unlimited music for videos with new tracks added every week.

Soundstripe's audio library is curated by experts and features new music every week

Why We Love it

  • New music every week featuring a diverse set of talented artists.
  • Unlimited music by talented artists and diversity of music is amazing.
  • Intuitive search which lets you filter everything from genre to artists makes it a quick search.
  • Divided into different categories such as Podcast music, Vlog music, World music, Video Games music etc and this comes in super handy for every kind of video content.
  • Explore music without signing in
  • Monthly payment options available
  • Website is super fun and easy to use


  • Might become overwhelming for a beginner trying to source music for their video due to the diversity of tunes.

Things to Remember

  • Give credit to the music creator where required.
  • Choose the right vibe track for your video
  • Start off with the free versions and as you get more into video content, spur things up with the paid ones.

Are you done second-guessing your music selection for video content? Use these 5 sites for royalty-free music for your videos to make content like a pro video creator. And if you want to add music to a video in just a few seconds, try VEED's simple but powerful online video editor for your next project.