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Video Invitation Maker

Video Invitation maker - for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more

Do you want to make a video invitation for your event? A private birthday party, a public press launch? Well, at VEED, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re making a super personal video for family and friends, or a nationwide campaign video to alert people to an event, you can do it with VEED’s fabulous range of editing tools

Video Invitation Maker
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Video Invitations

With VEED you can make stunning Video Invitations online. No software needed. No account needed. Get started right away

Spread the word

With a single click you can resize your videos for any social media format - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. To get the word out about your event


If you’re having a private event you can easily format your video for Facebook, email, or however you wish to distribute your invite

Have fun

Don’t just have fun at your event, have fun with the Video Invitation for your event. VEED is so easy to use, you’ll be putting together a great invitation in no time

Let them know

You can use text, links to an event page, stickers with a picture of your logo, whatever you need, to let your audience know about where, when and what your event will be


Whether your event is fun or formal, you want your video to look perfect. Use filters, speed up, slow down, add images, subtitles and more, to give your video that professional finish

How to use our invitation video maker:

Make your own video invite in 3 easy steps

1. Drag and drop

Upload your videos to VEED, it’s all online, no software needed. Add photos and audio, too! No problem

2. Edit

Now it’s time to create the perfect invite. Use filters so it looks great. Add text and links so everyone knows where to go. Add and translate subtitles so your video is accessible to everyone!

3. Invite!

Just hit ‘Download’, and you’re ready to send out your video. Share it online, or just with your private guestlist

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Why create a video invite?

A clear, creative and interactive way to let people know


A video invite is so much more engaging than an email, or piece of paper. It can jump, shout, scream, and dance before your very eyes. Get your guestlist engaged, with VEED


With VEED, you can include links in your video, to your event page or website. In advertising jargon this is known as “a call to action”. Get people clicking

It’s so easy

With VEED’s online suite of editing tools you don't have to be an expert to create professional-looking video. All our tools are designed to be easy to use, and to make your life easier

More than a video invitation maker

At VEED, we can do so much more than help you with your video invitations. We can help you make movie trailers, video Ads, tutorials, explainer videos. Got a video presentation you need to work on? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Check out our links below, for more info

Video Invitation Maker

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