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Public Holiday Video Maker

Public Holiday video maker, online

Do you want to create a video for New Year’s, Hanukkah, 4th July, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Diwali, Eid, Easter, and many, many more? Now you can with our online video editor! VEED is designed to be used by you, it’s easy, fast, and all online. Gone are the days of hiring expensive video teams, now you can do it all online, with VEED

Public Holiday Video Maker
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Holiday Event Videos Online

With VEED, you can create stunning Holiday videos online. No software needed, get started right away


You can make videos to celebrate, commemorate, or even invite people to, your special Holiday event


If you want to make a video for the Christmas Holiday season, then check out our Christmas Holiday Video Maker


With a single click you can resize your video to fit any social media platform - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more

Videos, Photos, Text

You can add photos and text to your videos, with ease. There’s never been a simpler or more user-friendly way to edit video online


You can even include links in your video - to your website, YouTube channel, or Facebook event page. It’s all possible, with VEED

How to make a Holiday video:

Make your own Holiday video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Add your New Year’s, 4th July, or any Holiday video to VEED. Just drag and drop. Easy peasy

2. Edit

Editing has never been easier, with VEED’s online toolbox. Add text, crop, trim, add photos, music, whatever you need!

3. Share

Holidays are about being together. Click ‘Download’, and your video is ready to share with everyone

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Why use our holiday video creator?

Make sure your Holiday goes off with a bang!


You can use VEED to create a video celebrating an upcoming Holiday, and to get people excited


With VEED you can add photos into your video, to make a video commemorating what was a special day


You can also use VEED to create an exciting video invite. Add text and links to an event page to make sure people know where they’re going

More than a Holiday video maker

At VEED, we celebrate video. We are passionate about video editing, and have designed a tool that allows anyone to make professional-looking videos, without being an expert. See what else VEED has to offer, by following the links below

Public Holiday Video Maker

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